The Joy of Tweeting

When I first joined Twitter in 2009, 
I had NO CLUE what it was or how to use it. 

It seemed like a confusing and disconnected space.

Back then, there was no pleasure, 
only pain and bother.

Even though it was tough, 
I was intrigued, and kept learning about it.

I took a few courses, observed, and then jumped in. 
I have since learned that there are immense benefits in using Twitter
to attract more Nia students to my classes (among other things).

Now I'm an avid Twitter user and I understand how it works!
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I found dynamic ease in using Twitter.

Twitter has helped me immensely! Here are just a few examples of how it has helped me create relationships, speak to new audiences and grow my business.

  1. I have received several invitations to write guest blog posts about how I use creativity to help me manage my bipolar disorder. This has given me the chance to tell the world about how Nia fits into my wellness plan.
  2. I received an invitation to exhibit and demo Nia at the National Health Show here in Toronto FOR FREE (this would normally cost $1100). 
  3. Several Twitter followers have become students and tweet about my classes.
  4. My story of wellness through Nia has been featured in national newspapers, on the radio and in 2 books.
  5.  My Nia income has consistently grown since the day I began using Twitter. 

What's more, is that the ripple effect is always working its magic! I often hear from friends that their friends and acquaintances are following me on Twitter and are curious about Nia because of it.

I’m so excited about my Twitter success and the potential for enhancing Nia brand awareness!

At one time, I found getting the word out about my classes to be incredibly draining. I can remember spending several hours every week flyering and dropping my cards and posters all over Toronto. And face to face networking was no better. Being an introvert, mixing with strangers has never been my idea of a good time.

But with Twitter, the potential to reach more people is astounding!

Twitter amplified my message.

When social media came along, I went from wasting lots of time and energy flyering, to becoming much more strategic and focused.

Facebook entered into my consciousness a year after I started teaching Nia.

Over the last 9 years (I joined Facebook April, 2007!), I have learned a TON about social media and what is the best way to get the word out for a small business like mine.

When I first joined Twitter (April, 2009), I had no idea how to use it. I was afraid and uncertain of whether the effort was worth my time. Sound familiar? It was almost a year later (March, 2010) that I began really using Twitter. As I ramped up my efforts, my Nia business (which at this point was 2 1/2 years old) began growing. And that’s when the flyering ended.

How do I know it works?

A simple look at how many people see my Nia messages on Twitter makes it pretty clear.

In ONE week, my Nia Twitter messages reached 8500+ people!

That still kind of blows my mind! How do my messages reach THAT many people? Well, not only are the people that follow me looking at my messages, but if they forward (or re-tweet) my message, their followers will also be exposed. That means that I am expanding my audience and promoting Nia to a wider range of people than just those who are following me. It’s brilliant!

Here’s why I love Twitter:

Personally, I fell in love with Twitter as a way to:

~ learn more about myself and the world by interacting with others
~ practice my communication skills (impeccability!)
~ meet new people and strengthen relationships
~ advertise FOR FREE
~ develop and build new interests
~ take mini breaks throughout my day to engage socially, to rest my mind
~ expose myself to new opportunities
~ find out what’s happening in my city that I can become involved in

Twitter works for me because it:

~ honours my introverted nature
~ gives me time to formulate, reflect, be accurate
~ allows me to listen and learn without the obligation of responding
~ keeps me true to myself by allowing me to be me without censoring my ideas the way I might in person
~ is an outlet for expression
~ allows me to express my thoughts in my own time, when I have the energy, when I’m up for it
~ allows me to network when I’m in the mood

If you're interested in more support and guidance about using Twitter, please inquire about Jenn’s e-course designed to help Nia instructors discover the joy of Tweeting! Email Jenn here.

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Jennifer Hicks has been practicing Nia in Toronto for over 15 years. Through her 10 years of teaching, she has fallen in love with Nia and the numerous possibilities that Nia has offered to her both personally and professionally. She thrives on the joy she gets from teaching a wide variety of students in community, corporate, health care and educational settings. To share her passion for reaching new students online, in 2014 Jennifer developed and delivered "The Joy of Tweeting: An Online Playshop for Nia Instructors." Jennifer maintains a private practice in Speech-Language Pathology working with adults with acquired brian injuries. Find her at

Photo by Unsplash