How My Purpose Helps Me Manifest

: the reason why something is done or used : the aim or intention of something
: the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something
: the aim or goal of a person : what a person is trying to do, become, etc.

  1. something set up as an object or end to be attained
  2. a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution

: able to be seen: clearly shown or visible
: easy to understand or recognize

  1. readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight
  2. easily understood or recognized by the mind: obvious

(excerpts from Merriam-Webster dictionary)

How I am manifesting new Nia trainings, certifications and events that I always wanted to do.

For longer than I can remember I’ve been searching for my purpose. I’m sure you would agree that you don’t go to sleep and suddenly wake up with purpose; it is a journey, and for some of us it manifests early in our lives and for others, further down the road.

My Nia journey began in 2011 when my gypsy soul took me on a one-way flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. As a new rep for a startup media/publishing company I attended a 15-minute Nia demo at the Still & Moving Center and I was hooked. Nia so intrigued me that not only did I immediately sign up for classes, but I also worked out a deal with the owner whereby I cleaned the studio in exchange for classes. For over a year and half I afforded my Nia classes this way and when my dedication became so obvious to my mentors, Goldyn Daupin and Renee Tillotson, they encouraged me to sign up for my very first Nia training, my Nia White Belt with trainer, Britta von Tagen in July 2012. This was my first real Nia manifestation, and it was also when I truly connected to my purpose, the gift of sharing movement.

Three months after my training, my purpose married one of my greatest passions: traveling. This union started me in a new and exciting direction, and without any hesitation I sold everything I owned, packed my dreams and my Nia practice in one bag, and took off on a two-year trip around the world.

During my travels I sought out Nia communities everywhere I could. My purpose was helping me do things others would have seen impossible. My travels eventually took me to Australia, where I was privileged to immerse myself with their Nia community. As a budget backpacker on a one-year visa in Australia, I spent six months living in Melbourne, and spent the other six traveling up the East Coast of the country while working odd jobs and living out of a station wagon.

The challenges of my vagabond lifestyle never stopped me from pursuing my purpose, and I always found ways to powwow with my Nia family by participating in classes, co-teaching at Nia Jams and auditing with Australia's beloved, Sophie Marsh. Manifesting was starting to feel real! And I knew it was true because during my time my purpose helped me manifest yet again another training, my Nia Green Belt. September 2013. I had the honor of training with the beautiful Winalee Zeeb in Gold Coast, Australia, and now I was feeling unstoppable.

For the two years I was traveling I was deepening my Nia practice in predictable and unpredictable ways. I learned profound and wondrous things about myself, humanity, world music and other movement modalities. Meanwhile, I was getting emails regarding amazing trainings and certifications happening around the world, but something kept gravitating me towards the United States.

My dream was to someday meet and train with the source herself, Debbie Rosas, and on my own home ground.

Many times I wondered, “Can I really manifest dancing, learning and training with Nia enthusiasts around the U.S.?” It was all one big question mark until a few short weeks ago.

When I returned to the U.S. in late 2014 I decided to settle down in my university home town, Tallahassee, Florida. I dreamt of creating my own little Nia community and implementing the cool things I’d seen and done around the world. And you know what? I did just that!

I spent a year seeding and growing a Nia community in Tallahassee, but the wanderer in me also dreamt of traveling again so that I could meet some of the masters of my craft around the country. And this January all the signs seemed right, all my ducks were lined up in a row. I’d done my research and found several trainings happening in the Northeast, where I knew I’d be for three months, and my gut was telling to go! A Nia inspired U.S. Road Trip was the ticket to manifesting again. Some might consider it being spontaneous, impulsive or brave, but I believe if something you want does not come to you, then you should at least try to go to it.

So far I’ve manifested the following:

March 12-13: I traveled to NYC for the Moving to Heal Training with Debbie Rosas & trainers Casey Bernstein, Caroline Kohles and Jule Aguirre.
In short, the experience was 1) profound 2) comprehensive and 3) astonishingly beneficial for my own self-healing practice ,while I learned how to help others heal. **Bonus-my dream of training with Debbie came true!

March 31: I officially registered for my AFAA certification (something I’ve had on my wish list for years).

April 3: I traveled to Portland, Maine and attended a “What Makes Nia So Juicy,” Workshop and Master class with Nia Trainer Rosanne Russell and the Nia Maine tribe. The experience was short from epic!

What I will manifest in the coming months:

Mid-April I am traveling to Baltimore, Maryland, for two amazing events I’ve long had my heart set on doing, the MOVE I.T. 52 Moves Training (yay!) and to add icing on the cake I will have a chance to meet, greet and dance with Nia Baltimore in the PULSE Routine Immersion, with none other than the creator, Kelle Rae Oien. I am stoked! But the Nia fun doesn’t end here because in early May I will be participating in Hsui-Hui Chen’s Nia demo at the 2016 Taiwan Day Event in Newton, Massachusetts.

On May 20, I will start the third leg of my road trip and this part of my journey remains a beautiful mystery. My partner, Travis, and I hope to go as far west as our wallets and health will let us. I've started a "Nia dance with” wish list around the country, and I know I will not be able to do everything and go everywhere, but I trust I will be able to do and go where I am meant to be.

Want to know the coolest part? I’m lucky. I’ve been given an opportunity to share this journey with my entire Nia community along with my purposes for doing this trip. This is the first out of three posts. So get ready because I am bringing YOU on the road with me!

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Valerie Sanchez is a Nia Ambassador, is passionate, adventurous and free spirited. She’s traveled and taken Nia around the world since 2011 allowing cultures to positively influence her and her ways of sharing the gift of Nia. In 2014 she settled in Tallahassee, FL., to spread her Nia wings and grow her own community. Currently she is traveling the U.S., getting infected by all those who love, embody and share Nia.

Photo by Valerie