Love Your Body, Love Your Life

“Love Your Body, Love Your Life” is one of Nia’s mottos. Nia as a lifestyle practice is a way for me to move through life, choosing wellbeing in body, mind and spirit. As I continue to condition for life in my NOW body and guide others to do so, I am always inviting in awareness. The choices invited by the Nia practice help me remember I always have a choice in any situation, and that gives me personal power.

And ahhh…that ever present element of life…change! Nia is never the same and conditions me to dance with change. I am always fascinated by the science of the body and how to move with it. Nia allows me to continue to choose the sensation of pleasure as I move - avoiding the “no pain, no gain” mentality.

I want to feel good in my body as long as I am in a body, and be able to do all the things I want to do. A functional fitness practice that is fun, this draws me to Nia like a magnet. As I call on the tools and gifts of the Nia practice, I enhance my life force energy. The more life force energy I have, the more I can allow what I bring to the planet to ripple out into the world and encourage others to do the same. Moving with Nia keeps me in balance as I invite in and embody the different movement energies of Nia, keeping them ready to call into action off the mat.

Tuning into, embracing and moving WITH my palette of emotions through music and movement keeps my emotion in motion. I remember to play and have fun with Nia! As I continue to listen to the voice of my body throughout my day and what it needs, life in a body becomes more pleasurable. As I move with greater consciousness and understanding, my body, mind and spirit respond with a resounding, "YES!"

Jennifer Loftus is a certified and licensed brown belt Nia instructor. She teaches Nia classes twice a week at Island Spirit Yoga in Lahaina, Maui. Jennifer holds space for authenticity, truth, inner wisdom, playfulness, creativity, healing and fun in her classes. For more information visit her at Move Sing Heal or Island Spirit Yoga.

Photo: Manuela Schönbächler-Valetti