Nia Brand Book is Here!

We are excited to bring you the Nia Brand Book! This presents the purpose, philosophy and meaning that drives the Nia brand and Nia programs, services and products.

Although our brand, philosophy and meaning has changed over the years, our value has always remained the same. Nia represents the most valuable asset we have, the body. This is why I say, the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with your body. Your body is the most precious thing you own.

Nia - the workout, practice and lifestyle - originates from the inspirational story of two people searching for a better way, addressing not only the physical body, but also the mind, emotion and spirit. This is the story of the Body’s Way and your Body’s Way.

Our commitment has always been to self-mastery, and to supporting and developing a healthy relationship with the body, on and off the dance floor. Nia’s purpose is to help people reach their greatest potential no matter what age or state of health. The only way we can craft the body and life we desire is from the inside out, and by choosing pleasure and comfort as the path to get fit and stay healthy.

May this book inspire and motivate you to continue developing a relationship with your body and with Nia. I invite you to download and share the Nia Brand Book with your family and friends. Thank you for dancing Nia!


Debbie Rosas