Nia Trainers Share the Joy!

By: Nia Co-Founder, Debbie Rosas

What a great way to step into 2016! Last week the Nia Training Faculty came together for their very first Trainer’s Summit. What is a Trainer’s Summit? It is a required training for any faculty member and occurs every 3 years. The intent is to share what’s new and to re-assess our current business.

Following my desire to continually improve Nia and make things clearer and easier to integrate into one’s body and life, every aspect of Nia, from the teaching and training classroom to the brand, marketing, routines, and website was discussed. Many great ideas came to fruition to better support our community of students and teachers.

I am most proud of the new soon to-be released "Nia Brand Book," "Nia Brand Guidelines" and "Sharing the Joy Business & Marketing Guide." With 40 years in business, it was fun to revisit our Nia message, meaning and purpose.

Classes were taught by a different trainer everyday, giving us and the NiaStudio participants an opportunity to dance “Reach” with Holly, “Bailando” with Adelle, “Feeling” with Casey, Kelle and Winalee, “Pulse” with Kelle, “Beautiful” with Winalee, “Soul” with Britta, “Magic” and “Joy” with Ann, and “R1” with Caroline. I was left with a deep appreciation for the Nia Promise and what we sell as a body of work - the Nia experience. I know those who attended were reminded of the fitness, beauty, power, and health benefits that come from dancing the language of Nia.

The entire Nia community is going to benefit greatly from the discussions, and our focus continues to be on building awareness of Nia as a workout practice and lifestyle. At the core of all discussions was how WE can work together in community to bring more people into our classes and into the Nia trainings. My instruction on Day 1 was to leave behind the past and step into a new future, understanding that our past has provided us with a new foundation, new awareness and knowledge we can use to craft success, which includes deeper meaning for each and everyone one of us.