A Time to Manifest Your Desires

By: Nia Co-Founder, Debbie Rosas

With a week full of solstice and holiday festivities, I am feeling the transition of the season and preparing to move from 2015 to 2016. One way I do this is to be clear about my desires.

As solstice is about accepting the cycles of nature. The heart of solstice is always about change and letting go of what was, yet celebrating what was, and celebrating what is to come. I find this to be a very internal, peaceful time for me. It is a time when I feel the veil is the thinnest between my physical and spiritual reality. I do more prayer, more meditation. I write down what I want to manifest and begin starting my course of action for the next year.

What desires are you manifesting for 2016? Have you sat down and written them out?

Try this!

Before writing out your desires, dance and tune-into the sensations of your body. As you dance, notice when you sense your body saying “Yes”.

Following, journal with these ideas in mind...

The vision of my future self is:

My Desires:

My Imagination:

My Expectations:

Take a moment for yourself over this long holiday weekend. Dance and follow the sensation of “Yes”. Be clear, and manifest your desires for 2016.

Photo by Pexels