Fitness Predictions 2016: Mind-Body is Here to Stay!

Here we come 2016!

We are nearing the end of 2015, and the fitness industry is predicting fitness trends for the upcoming year. At Nia, instead of following the trends, we choose to follow the sensation of our bodies. Yet, we continue to be a leader in shaping trends in the mind-body fitness industry (and in the creation of mind-body fitness), while avoiding compromising our movement philosophy.

We were delighted IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the leading organization for fitness and wellness professionals, interviewed high-profile professionals asking them their group fitness predictions for 2016. (Drumroll please)

  • There is likely to be “continued growth in mind-body formats, less choreography and more ‘freestyle’ formats.” —Alex Isaly, celebrity trainer, LA 
  • “Group fitness instructors can expect to see more active older adults and more dance-based classes.” —Krista Popowych, 2014 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year
  • There will be “more emphasis on alignment and technique within mind-body disciplines.” —Amy Nestor, educational ambassador, EMPOWER! Fitness Conferences
  • “Everyone will have mindfulness components as part of programs.” —Lawrence Biscontini, MA, mindful movement specialist

​How exciting! So what is this telling us? Is mind-body fitness here to stay? We know it is, but now more people are embracing this truth as well. We are excited we not only established the mind-body category, but we can continue to grow the industry!

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By: Katie Janovec, Team Nia