Dancing Through Motherhood

Pregnancy is a uniquely magical and moving experience! Each journey is filled with its own joys and struggles, from back pain and stretch marks to celebration and glowing smiles. Embrace the changes and unique beauty of your pregancy and allow your in-body relationship to build through movement.

Nia mothers Lola Manekin, Tamara Hajsky, and Alba Azola, give their vibrantly inspiring personal testaments on how Nia helped them internally and externally embody their pregnancy journey through the flow of moment.

Q: Did you do Nia during your pregnancy? What was your experience?

Lola: When I went for my White Belt training I was just completing my 3rd month of pregnancy. Being pregnant and moving my body freely was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I danced until the day before I went to the hospital to have my child. I delivered him in less than 30 minutes, which I attribute to the active openness of my body!

Tamara: I am currently 32 weeks pregnant as I write this, and I just taught a class today. Granted, I move at a much lower intensity than I used to, and yet I can still make it through a class well and energized.

Alba: I danced Nia throughout most of my pregnancy and it helped me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It brought endurance and a sensation of strength that came from knowing and trusting that my body was perfectly designed to bring life into this world.

Q: Why is it important to stay active before, after, and during  pregnancy?

Lola: Many people I know and patients I have (I am an acupuncturist), use pregnancy as an excuse to eat anything they want and gain a tremendous amount of weight! I am so against that. I loved being fit throughout my entire pregnancy. I healed really quickly after birth and was back teaching Nia in 4 weeks!

Tamara: I see movement as normal, not as some strange activity that only some can do and some shy away from. Our bodies are designed to move; the feeling of fluidity and stretchiness is something I would like to retain throughout pregnancy and especially for birth. The more intimate I can be with myself, and with my body - which I gain through the practice of moving - the more I can be present in myself when receiving messages from the infant at birth.

Alba:  In the postpartum period, Nia was not only instrumental in the restoration of my physical body’s homeostasis, but it became my sacred time to optimize life force energy. One of the most memorable Nia moments during my postpartum period was the Mommy and baby Nia class I started with other mothers in my area. Once a week we would do a modified Nia class with our babies on carriers. The mommies got a work out and the babies got to cuddle with mommy!

Q: Would you recommend Nia to other mothers?

Lola: Absolutely! It’s an extremely safe workout to do during pregnancy and of course… IT’S FUN!

Tamara: Yes, I would recommend Nia to other mothers, but would suggest movement based on their physical level. Everybody is different. I find that moving my body and making sounds has released a lot of tension in me; this is a great tool for expecting mothers, or... anyone really.

Alba: Yes! It is a mind-body workout that allowed me to compassionately    condition my whole self during pregnancy and beyond!

When it comes to fitness during pregnancy, do what feels right for Your Body, Your Health, and Your Baby. Your pregnancy is unique and special to you. Take care of yourself and choose a fitness level and frequency that feels good in your body. Channel your mama power with Nia and celebrate the joy of motherhood through dance and expression!

By: Abby Thompson, Team Nia

Photos provided by Lola Manekin, Tamara Hajsky, and Alba Azola