Thank You Body

Standing by the ocean, with the wind and spitting rain hitting my face, a huge smile crept across my lips. In typical coastal Oregon fashion, my shoes and pants were soaked, my face was dripping wet and I was happy. I stared at the waves churning and crashing, and thanked the water for showing me its power and beauty.

As I began to dance with the wind, pulling inspiration from the waves, and moving as the tides closed in around my feet, I felt ME. The fears and doubts swirling in my head turned into spiraling movement. The pelting of the rain transformed into sharp, popping gestures. The isolation of the beach turned into my own personal celebration. Thank you body, I whispered.

Again I said louder, thank you body.

Thank you body for carrying me through the world.
Thank you body for stepping into the frigid ocean waters.
Thank you body for feeling the joy and the sadness.
Thank you body for revealing more and more each day.
Thank you body for your breath, reminding me to be in this moment.
Thank you body for this dance, in front of this wondrous ocean.
Thank you body for the ability to feel and to heal.

Thank you body for experiencing the most heartfelt joy ever—Movement!

By: Katie Janovec, Team Nia
Photo by Pexels