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Esther Arends

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Esther Arends

Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Moving with Pleasure. Living with Purpose

Do you know those moments in your life that you intuitively know, this is going to change my life? So it was, when I met Nia in 2007. I knew immediately that it would have a great influence on my life and I also knew this is no coincidence, it’s meant to be.

Before Nia
The time before I met Nia is characterized by practicing different styles of dance. Jazz ballet, modern dance, classical ballet, show-ballet, freestyle. From childhood I have been a keen dancer and dance and movement were and still are my passion. I still see myself choreograph and perform for various events at my middle school.
In my teenage and adult life I kept on dancing and performing and eventually started teaching in modern jazz dance. This period did not last long as I soon found out that it did not bring the satisfaction I was expecting. I missed something. I missed a deeper purpose, a sense of fulfillment,  For me the standard dance lessons were mainly focusing on performing the "right" movements, how my body felt and what it said did not matter. At that time I was not accustomed to listen. Perfection was my aim, not only with respect to the movement but also about how my body had to look like. I was anything but happy with my body.

The Encounter
The above inspired me to develop a dance program in which listening to and following the sensations in your body and the music were the essence. With this concept, I went to a body-mind center in The Hague to ask if they were open to offer this program. The person with whom I was talking said 'this sounds like Nia! ". My response: "Nia? What is Nia? I was, slightly disappointed because there already excited a similar movement program, and on the other hand, curious and excited.

The Result
When I arrived home after the meeting I searched for more information about Nia on the internet and on the same day, following my intuition, I decided to sign-in for the White Belt. The first training that enables me to teach. Without ever taking a Nia class, I stepped into the White Belt  in August 2007 (a few weeks later) in Hamburg, Germany with trainer Ann Christiansen. With a slight fear that this movement practise would be a little to 'spiritual and airy' for me, I jumped into the unknown. So glad to have made this risky leap. Nia turned out to be anything but 'ungrounded, airy and floaty' . Nia proved te be a fitness and lifestyle program for body, mind and spirit based on a specific philosophy and method inspired by the anatomy and wisdom of the body, the power of the mind, the influence of the emotions and the uniqueness of the spirit on the health, fitness and well-being of the whole human being. It was a match!
Everything came together for me in Nia. All my interests: dance, movement, health, fitness, personal development and body awareness. Nia offers me a step by step guide to a healthy and happy life IN my body and in reaching my true potential. Nia thought me to love my body and to use my body as my guide for creating a fulfilled, meaningful and joyful life. In recent years, I traveled and grown from a White Belt teacher via the Green, Blue, and Brown Belt to a Certified Black Belt Teacher ... and the journey does not stop here.

What Nia has brought me personally?
Too much to mention all. Below a selection:
- A powerful body with increased flexibility, stability, balance and mobility.
- Health, vitality, endurance and improved posture.
- Effective fitness by following Joy and Pleasure.
- A happy life IN my body and learned to use the wisdom of my body for leading a healthy and joyful life. A inspired life with purpose.
- Self-Acceptance
- Increased awareness of my body.
- Living focused and with intent.
- Making choices in life that are guided by 'Joy, Ease and Pleasure'.
- Becoming aware of the impact of my thoughts and how to use my thoughts and imagination in a productive and positive way for my own good.
- Accept and enjoy where I am, on the path of reaching my goal.
- A form in which I can fully express myself.
- A form in which I can share my passion, can inspire people and can continue to grow as a person and as a teacher.
- Empowerment.
- A healthy addiction:-)

Overview Belts
2007 - White Belt - Art of Sensation with Ann Christainsen, Hamburg, Germany
2008 - Green Belt -The craft of teaching Nia with Carlos AyaRosas, Hamburg, Germany
2009 - Blue Belt - Communication, Relationship, Intimacy with Carlos AyaRosas and Debbie Rosas, Portland Oregon, USA
2010 - Brown Belt - Sensing and Perceiving Energy (Physical, Mental, Emotion, Spirit) with Carlos AyaRosas and Debbie Rosas, Portland Oregon, USA
2014 - Black Belt -Unlimited Creativity with Ann Christiansen Hamburg, Germany


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Tuesday 8:30pm - 9:30pm K'dans te Den Haag
Van Merlenstraat 65-C, 2518 TC Den Haag, Nederland
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Thursday 8:00pm - 9:00pm De Theaterschool
Pieter de Hoochweg 222, Rotterdam, Nederland
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Sunday 9:00am - 10:00am K'dans te Den Haag
Van Merlenstraat 65-C, 2518 TC Den Haag, Nederland
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.