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L Beth Stone

L Beth Stone

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L Beth Stone

Sadieville, Kentucky, United States

In the fitness world of no pain - no gain, I felt very out of place. I kept wondering "Why would i want to do that to myself? Would the ends justify the means?" Then I heard about Nia and attended a class. I felt "Yes! I can do this and enjoy the process."  I purchased the "The Nia Technique" book started studying and practicing. I've been on the Nia path since 2009. Over time I realized I want to carry this work forward, share Nia with people and help keep classes going in our small community. So I started saving for White Belt training...  In August of 2012 I earned my Nia White Belt and became a certified Nia instructor. Currently I am a Nia Green Belt. Thru Nia I have made gains that allow me to move thru my daily life with much more ease, energy and awareness. Over time, I continue to surprise myself by discovering I can do something that a couple of months ago I couldn't. Nia is a sensory based movement practice filled with self expression, creativity and great whole body/mind conditioning. You decide how gentle or intense you want your movement to be. Move in your body's way to world music have fun and experience the benefits.

A deep bow of gratitude to Amy Ross for introducing me to Nia, teaching great classes and walking this path ahead of me.

Deep bows of gratitude also to Debbie Rosas, Helen Terry, Winalee Zeeb... everyone I have encountered in class...

I really enjoy classes and watching students feel better and more energized because of their Nia practice. Let's move!

I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.