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Press Coverage

Natural Solutions Magazine - New Life After Divorce: Rediscovering self-worth when a marriage dissolves

By: Candace Walsh  |  In Natural Solutions Magazine May, 2010

Nia is described as a "holistic emotional experience" by recently divorced Candace Walsh in the May 2010 issue of "Natural Solutions" magazine.... Read more

Moods Magazine - Health Through Movement: How Nia Changed My Life

By: Jennifer Hicks, Speech-Language Pathologist and Brown Belt Certified Nia Teacher  |  In Moods Magazine April, 2010

"And how did I discover this innate mood stabilizer? I believe that it’s because as I was searching for wellness, I was drawn to creative remedies. I was open to experiences that helped me feel more at home in myself. And so I was led to Nia. My secret to maintaining stability in... Read more

11:11 Magazine - Beyond the Illusion

By: Simran Singh, Founder of C.H.O.I.C.E. Alliance Network and 11:11 Magazine  |  In 11:11 Magazine March, 2010

Simran Singh, Founder of C.H.O.I.C.E Alliance Network and 11:11 Magazine, writes about her decision to take the Nia White Belt Training and to place Nia classes on the schedule for the Believe Center. Her story begins on page 38 of Volume 3, Number 2.

... Read more

Local Flavor Magazine - The Dance Within

By: Emily Beenen  |  In Local Flavor Magazine March, 2010

Learn how an aerobics teacher gave up traditional running and weight training that caused chronic pain – and opted for Nia instead. She explains how the practice helped her move better, heal emotionally, manage personal relationships and start a new life.... Read more

Australian Natural Health Magazine - The Nia technique

By: Su-lin Sze  |  In Australian Natural Health Magazine February, 2010

In the late 1990s, US-based health scientist Dr. Deborah Kern studied the effects of the Nia technique compared to standard aerobics activity on mood, anxiety and self-esteem. Dr. Kern found the Nia technique participants enjoyed an increased sense of well-being 'beyond the physical realm,' many reflecting on the usefulness of... Read more

Black Rose Magazine - Introducing Sophie Marsh and the joy of movement with Nia

By: S'Roya  |  In Black Rose Magazine February, 2010

Through Nia we let go of physical tension and stress, build confidence and self-esteem and connect to the happiness of life through the joy of dancing.... Read more

Maine News, Fit At Five - Fit at Five: Nia

By: Kelly LaBreque, Maggie Bokor   |  In Maine News, Fit At Five November, 2009

Kelly LaBreque, WCSH6 Meteorologist and host of Fit at Five, interviews Nia Teacher Maggie Bokor. ... Read more

Alternative Sante - Now I Am: Je Danse Le Nia

By: Laurence Pinsard  |  In Alternative Sante November, 2009

Read the translated version of this article in English below:  

A new technique, taught in over thirty-eight countries, Nia combines dance, martial arts and body awareness. Fun and joyful, this discipline releases physical tension and stress.

Now I am: I dance Nia

At first glance one could think that Nia is just... Read more

San Francisco Chronicle - Healthy Obsession: Nia

By: Sam Whiting  |  In San Francisco Chronicle September, 2009

Troy Brady, 50, of Walnut Creek is a restaurant manager who takes Nia classes twice a week. Here she talks about why she loves the practice, where she trains, and the NiaWear gear she can't live without.... Read more

Free Spirit, A South African Television Programme - The Nia Technique

By: Natalie Becker, Debbie Rosas Stewart  |  In Free Spirit, A South African Television Programme July, 2009

Debbie Rosas Stewart talks about Nia – its history, technique and influence.... Read more

Oprah Magazine - Life, Love and Beauty

By: Kathy Wolstenholme  |  In Oprah Magazine May, 2009

Nia helped Kathy Wolstenholme overcome the trials of acne, abortion and breast cancer. Here, she reveals how the technique helped her fall in love again – with herself.... Read more

Business Insanity Talk Radio - How Do I Work With My Spouse?

By: Barry Moltz, Debbie Rosas Stewart, Jeff Stewart  |  In Business Insanity Talk Radio April, 2009

Listen to Barry Moltz, host of Business Insanity Talk Radio, interview Debbie Rosas Stewart and Jeff Stewart about how to maintain a healthy marriage while running a business together. Their keys to success have been: 1) Committing to the idea that it is going to work, 2) Putting their personal relationship... Read more

El Segundo TV - The Nia Technique at Lululemon

By: Alex Batres  |  In El Segundo TV March, 2009

El Segundo TV interviews Nia Teacher Sun Yu about her Nia class at the Lululemon athletic store in El Segundo. 

... Read more

Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts - Sister Revolutionary: Debbie Rosas

By: Mama Gena  |  In Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts March, 2009

Mama Gena interviews Debbie Rosas about Nia, what she wants most women to know, and what she means by the "wisdom of the body." View the interview in its original post, or read the full transcript below.

School of Womanly Arts: You have a unique understanding of the body as it... Read more

TriCity Magazine - Finding Peace Within

By: Andrea Deering  |  In TriCity Magazine February, 2009

Author Andrea Deering recounts Stephanie Cirihal's story of using Nia to lead a life on her own terms.... Read more

MORE Magazine - A Cure for Shame

By: Jan Jarboe Russell  |  In MORE Magazine November, 2008

Jan Jarboe Russell spent her life loathing her body. Then she discovered the physical – and sacred – power of dance. Download the article or read the text below for the full story.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist home where dancing was prohibited. In the winter of 1957, I... Read more

The New York Times - PERSONAL FITNESS; Said the Doctor to the Cancer Patient: Hit the Gym

By: Anahad O'Connor  |  In The New York Times August, 2008

"Gyms and fitness centers have begun stepping in to meet a small but growing demand for programs designed to not only hasten recovery but to address the fatigue of chemotherapy, the swelling of lymphedema and the loss of muscle tone."... Read more

Seattle Woman Magazine - Every Body Dance

By: Ashley Griffin  |  In Seattle Woman Magazine May, 2008

"In recent years, Seattle's dance scene has grown exponentially – particularly in regard to so-called 'alternative' dance forms like African dance, belly dancing and Nia. Each style caters to a distinct personality, but at their root they share a common thread. While traditional modes of fitness might bore or create... Read more

BBC Online - Nia Technique

By: Sam Hyde  |  In BBC Online January, 2007

"Sam Hyde was unhappy at work and suffering from a back injury when she discovered [Nia]."

... Read more

Utne Reader - Soul Aerobics

By: Megan Kaplan   |  In Utne Reader May, 2006

Megan Kaplan of Utne Reader describes a Nia class in Minneapolis. She talks to James Garrick of the Center for Sports Medicine and Maureen Small, a physician at the University of New Mexico Hospital who teaches Nia to seniors over 70.... Read more

Elle Magazine - ElleFitness: Learn Routines

By: Elle Magazine  |  In Elle Magazine June, 2004

"Shocking but true: Not everyone wants a yoga body. These alternative workouts will open your mind and flatten your abs without the ehlp of a downward dog."

... Read more - Find Fitness Bliss With NIA

By: Gila Leiter, MD  |  In May, 2003

"For her doctoral thesis in the mid-1990s, Kern followed 40 people who took NIA classes for seven weeks, along with 40 other people who did low-impact aerobics... Both groups saw cardiovascular benefits, says Kern, whose study was not published. But overall anxiety levels, as measured on a commonly used psychological scale, dropped in... Read more