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Press Coverage

Inspirational Woman Magazine - Dancing with Bliss

By: Kirsten Meneghello  |  In Inspirational Woman Magazine January, 2012

Kirsten Meneghello discovered Nia at age 42, and now hopes to help others find their bliss by sharing her story and providing some helpful advice.

... Read more - Kickstart Your Fitness in 2012

By: Adrian Lee  |  In January, 2012

If your New Year resolution is to get in shape there are lots of alternatives to the gym. Adrian Lee looks at the most popular activities on offer.

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Your Houston News - Operatunity Knocks: Exorcising his fear of ‘girlie’ exercise

By: Michael Reed  |  In Your Houston News January, 2012

Face it, for any man a perceived “girlie” exercise is as much of a deal-breakers as, say, his probable comeback suggestion of throwing around a bunch of dirty free weights in the garage would be for you. Dance, on the other hand, if handled correctly, can seem like a fair... Read more - Nia Answers Needs of Shar Bliss

By: Paula Rath  |  In January, 2012

In a lot of exercise classes participants look grim and determined, serious and somber. Not in Nia. In Nia classes, especially those taught by Shar Bliss, a very youthful 55, there are grins all around, as well as whoops and giggles.... Read more

KABB Fox San Antonio - Mike on the Move - Synergy Studio

By: Mike Hernandez  |  In KABB Fox San Antonio January, 2012

Mike checks out the classes at Synergy Studio.... Read more

KHOU 11 News - With Nia, you can bring out your inner dancer and get fit at the same time

By: Courtney Zubowski  |  In KHOU 11 News January, 2012

"Working out can be a chore, but what if it could be just plain fun? There’s a cardio workout class in the Heights that promises to bring out your inner dancer. It’s called Nia, and the practice is catching on around the world."

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University of Virginia Health System - Nia: Giving Cancer Patients Something to Dance About

By: Amy Marshall  |  In University of Virginia Health System January, 2012

When you meet Kristy Harvey, it’s not surprising to learn that she’s the one responsible for bringing Nia to the Health System as part of the integrative medicine program and the UVA Mindfulness Center. Her smile is infectious and her enthusiasm palpable as she shares what she loves about this... Read more

The Prince George Citizen - Dancing For The Health Of It

By: Charelle Evelyn   |  In The Prince George Citizen December, 2011

Regardless of what life throws at you, you should be able to dance. At least that's how Lisa Cassidy sees it and with the dawn of the new year, she's set out to help clear the financial hurdles that keep people from finding their groove.

... Read more - Nia dance fitness craze uses martial arts

By: Karin O'Donnell  |  In September, 2011

"Nia instructor Stephanie DeMay has a brown belt in karate. I'm a penguin and Norah Jones is belting out about New York City being such a beautiful disease. Playing at being a cute flightless bird, then a cowboy, then a jazz dancer is just part of the experience of Nia... Read more

Sassy Mama Hong Kong - Nia: Non Impact Aerobics that Makes a Big Impression

By: Tracie  |  In Sassy Mama Hong Kong September, 2011

"When the Sassy Girls asked me if I wanted to review Nia, I was not quite sure what they meant. A fitness technique that I had not only NEVER tried, but had never even HEARD about. After swallowing a humility pill and admitting that I am not the all-knowing fitness... Read more

Good Living - Nia Dance Your Way To Fitness

By: Karin O'Donnell  |  In Good Living September, 2011

Nia gains popularity in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

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Senior Living Magazine - Fit for Life with Nia

By: Deborah Redfern  |  In Senior Living Magazine September, 2011

Deborah Redfern talks about how she discovered Nia, got her diabetes under control, and became a Nia teacher.... Read more

Owning Pink - What is Nia?

By: Dr. Lissa Rankin  |  In Owning Pink September, 2011

After spending a week taking the Nia White Belt Training in Portland, Oregon at Nia International Headquarters with Debbie Rosas, Dr. Lissa Rankin talks about her experience, being "in her body," and how Nia has impacted her life.

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Fox 25 News - Nia Workout

By: Reporter Elizabeth Hopkins  |  In Fox 25 News September, 2011

Jenny Silverberg, owner of Studio Joy, talks about what makes Nia different and how the practice has impacted her life.

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Experience Life Magazine - Yin-Yang Fitness

By: Andrew Heffernan  |  In Experience Life Magazine July, 2011

Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes are now blending Eastern and Western exercise techniques for better results, including mind-body health. Find out why this fusion works so well – and how you can create a harmonious fitness mis for yourself.

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Spotlight, TV EUROPA HD - Camilla Steen Larsen

By: Marwan Dalal  |  In Spotlight, TV EUROPA HD July, 2011

Nia teacher and studio owner Camilla Steen Larsen talks about how Nia has affected her physically, mentally and emotionally. After losing 108 pounds, Camilla describes Nia as a "kind of homecoming." She explains that her relationship with Nia will never end, and says, "I will never sit myself down and say,... Read more

The New You Magazine - Becoming Your Most Beautiful You

By: The New You Magazine  |  In The New You Magazine July, 2011

"As the weather begins to warm, we all want to look great for swimsuit season, but that old routine at the gym just isn't making the cut. Endless miles on the treadmill and a thousand steps to nowhere may burn calories, but they do little for the mind and spirit.... Read more

Expresso Breakfast Television Programme (South Africa) - Nia Kids

By: Andrea Cibrario, Nia Teacher  |  In Expresso Breakfast Television Programme (South Africa) June, 2011

The Expresso Breakfast Television Programme previews a recently launched kids class focused on brain and movement development and based on Nia, in Cape Town, South Africa. Inserts one, two and three were filmed at OurNiaSpace Studio in Observatory, Cape Town. These classes are held at... Read more

Rhode Island Natural Awakenings - No Pain, No Gain? No Way!

By: Wendy Rappaport  |  In Rhode Island Natural Awakenings June, 2011

"For those who think we must suffer in order to get a good workout, it may be time to try Nia, a physical conditioning program based on a premise that movement is a pathway for self-discovery and personal transformation."

... Read more

That's Fit (AOL Health) - Why I Find Gratitude In Walking

By: Jenny Block  |  In That's Fit (AOL Health) June, 2011

"I am mindful now of those steps that I can, I get, I opt, I choose to take. I don't complain about a parking space in the back of the lot or a forgotten pair of sunglasses that I must retrace my steps to gather. I think instead about how... Read more

FitPro - Q&A

By: Debbie Lawrence  |  In FitPro May, 2011

Every issue, FitPro asks their bank of experts to tackle one training related question. This edition focuses on training a client with mental health issues.

... Read more

NY1 - Parkinson's Patients Treat Symptoms With Fitness Programs

By: Kafi Drexel  |  In NY1 May, 2011

For many, a Parkinson's diagnosis has paved the path to Tai Chi, Pilates and Nia dance classes as innovative forms of treatment. NY1's Kafi Drexel filed the following report.

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NZ Herald - Fusion Fitness

By: Megan Otto  |  In NZ Herald May, 2011

"Nia was born of a philosophy that there is no need to use pain to change the body. Developed by Californian aerobic teachers Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas in 1983 it is now one of top three body-mind programmes in the world, taught in 30 countries and has been taught... Read more

That's Fit (AOL Health) - The Nia Technique: How The Dance Craze Helped Jenny Love Exercising Again

By: Jenny Block  |  In That's Fit (AOL Health) May, 2011

"Nia is based on a belt system White, Green, Blue, Brown, and Black. They are intended for both instructors and those wanting to deepen their practice (although Green is designed solely for instructors). After completing the White Belt, a practitioner can become licensed to teach. Nia Technique is headquartered in Portland, Oregon,... Read more

New Haven Magazine - A Fitness Potion High on Emotion

By: Karen Pasacreta  |  In New Haven Magazine May, 2011

"Are you ready to learn the secrets of the pleasure principle? All you have to do is let your inhibitions go and dance. No experience required. Get your body moving to jazz, funk, Middle Eastern chants and yes, even disco. It's all in an incredible exercise called Nia, a combination... Read more

Get It Lowveld - Turn the Beat Around

By: Sumeera Dawood  |  In Get It Lowveld May, 2011

"Exercise is a gruelling, boring chore, right? Wrong. As the Nia technique hits the Lowveld, it is set to revolutionise our relationship with fitness by introducing a danced infused with the philosophy of pleasure. Sumeera Dawood meets up with Taryn Harris, the blue-belt instructor responsible for bringing the world's first... Read more

Brigitte Balance Magazine - Nia... The Extra Kick

By: Nicole Reese  |  In Brigitte Balance Magazine April, 2011

A translated version of this article will be posted shortly.

... Read more

American Way - The Nia Way

By: Jenny Block  |  In American Way April, 2011

If the ’80s fitness craze was about ignoring what your body had to say, the wave of the future is listening to it. During the high-impact aerobics and Nautilus machine days, trainers preached, “No pain, no gain.” And, yeah, people lost weight and got buff. But what they didn’t do... Read more

The REPs Journal - Mental health - time 4 inclusion

By: Debbie Lawrence, MA, and Sarah Bolitho, MSc  |  In The REPs Journal March, 2011

"According to the Mental Health Foundation an average of one in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem over the course of a year. Debbie Lawrence and Sarah Bolitho look at the arena of mental health issues and explore how exercise can help."

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Conscious Dancer - New to Nia and loving it

By: Jenny Block  |  In Conscious Dancer March, 2011

Author Jenny Block describes her experience taking the Nia White Belt Training with Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas in Portland, Oregon.

... Read more

Woman & Home Magazine - New Directions

By: Svenja Gernoth  |  In Woman & Home Magazine February, 2011

Kathy Wolstenholme, 51, hung up her job as a schoolteacher in Colorado, USA, to open her own Nia Technique studio in South Africa. She has three grown-up children and lives with her husband, David, in Newlands.... Read more

Marie Claire South Africa - Four Reasons to Try Nia

By: Marie Claire  |  In Marie Claire South Africa February, 2011

Marie Claire describes Nia as, "the most advanced form of fusion fitness, blending martial arts and dance with self-healing to create a high-powered workout."... Read more

deStentor - Playing Ping-Pong With The Hips

By: Henriëtte Aronds  |  In deStentor January, 2011

Below is a translated version of this article:

“Kick you right leg to the front. Step. Now your left leg: step, as if kicking a balloon up in the air. Cross your arms and hands in front of your chest like kickboxing, and move back with your arms up then wide... Read more

Fresh Living - Fun Fitness

By: Bridget McNulty  |  In Fresh Living January, 2011

Bridget McNulty scouts out Nia as a unique sport that's such fun, you won't even notice you're exercising. She describes benefits as, "Increased mobility, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning."... Read more

The Huffington Post - Where Have You Been?

By: Jenny Block  |  In The Huffington Post January, 2011

Author Jenny Block, a recent White Belt graduate, describes how Nia is helping her to be in the present moment through awareness.  

... Read more

Spirituality & Health Magazine - Expressing Myself Through Nia

By: Leela Devi  |  In Spirituality & Health Magazine January, 2011

Leela Devi, a Nia instructor who's been practicing Nia for more than 14 years, talks about the many benefits of Nia – and the ways it differs from traditional group exercise classes. She explains, "The workout leaves me drenched with sweat but feeling energized, deeply relaxed, and blessed with a... Read more

Asia Spa Magazine - Discovering Nia

By: Tracey Fenner  |  In Asia Spa Magazine November, 2010

"A dancer since the age of three, Tracey Fenner explored many movement forms before finding her calling as a Nia instructor. She tells us about her journey into soulful movement..."... Read more

Psychologies Magazine - Find Your Rhythm

By: Nadia Marks  |  In Psychologies Magazine October, 2010

An exercise class that improves your mood as well as giving you a full-body workout? Nia is a form of dance-meets-aerobics that allows you to let yourself go.

... Read more / Psychology Today - Nia: Embody The Skin You're In

By: Lissa Rankin, MD  |  In / Psychology Today October, 2010

Renowned Author and Gynecologist Lissa Rankin writes about Nia, her national book tour, and embodying the skin your in.

... Read more - The Nia Workout: Don't feel the burn

By: Joe Miller  |  In October, 2010

"It's about indulging yourself. It's about pleasure. It's about listening to your body and doing what it wants to do, not what some hard-body drill instructor wants it to do. And, strangely, it's exercise."

... Read more

Fall 2010 Issue #12 Conscious Dancer - Nia

By: Conscious Dancer  |  In Fall 2010 Issue #12 Conscious Dancer September, 2010

"Conscious Dancer" features Nia and describes Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas as "tireless advocates for the joy of movement."... Read more

FabFitFun by Giuliana Rancic - So You Think You CAN'T Dance...

By: Giuliana Rancic, "E! News" Anchor  |  In FabFitFun by Giuliana Rancic August, 2010

E! News anchor Giuliana Rancic describes Nia as a "cool class" and encourages people to check out the website. She also reviews Zumba, Burlesque, Jazzercise and Hip Hop. ... Read more

BlogTalkRadio - The Role of Pilates and Nia in Fitness and Anti-Aging

By: Dr. Leonard A. Rubinstein, M.D., Bernadette Flavell, and Gail Condrick, Nia Teacher  |  In BlogTalkRadio August, 2010

Nia Teacher Gail Condrick speaks with Dr. Leonard A. Rubinstein of BlogTalkRadio about the benefits of Nia, and how it can help you achieve a more healthy and rejuvenated body.... Read more

Naturally You - A Health and Wellness programme on the Home Channel - Nia in South Africa

By: Lisa Katz, Kathy Wolstenholme  |  In Naturally You - A Health and Wellness programme on the Home Channel August, 2010

Kathy Wolstenholme (along with students of OurNiaSpace studio in Cape Town, South Africa) gives a class and talks to Lisa Katz about Nia and the joy it brings to everyone, on "Naturally You" – the Health and Wellness television programme on the Home Channel on DSTV.... Read more

Time Out Hong Kong - Body language: Nia

By: Ben Sin  |  In Time Out Hong Kong August, 2010

Nia may just be the perfect workout for those looking for variety, writes Ben Sin.... Read more

Psychology Today - Slow Movement with Awareness: Better than Exercise?

By: Alan Fogel, Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah  |  In Psychology Today July, 2010

"There is mounting evidence that slow movement, with body sense awareness, has astounding health benefits by itself and in combination with regular exercise routines. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, there are a growing number of pain clinics and integrative medicine centers that offer... Read more - Mamma Nia

By: Sheryl Raskin  |  In July, 2010

How can one workout be all things to all people? Philadelphia area native, business guru and Nia teacher Donna Teitelman has the answer. Nia... empowers people to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Almost anyone can do this exhilarating exercise class to get moving, intensify an existing regimen or... Read more

The Globe and Mail - Nia: a workout that requires your imagination

By: Amy Verner  |  In The Globe and Mail July, 2010

In the "Health and Fitness" category of Globe and Mail's "Life" section, Amy Verner writes about Nia and interviews Nia Teacher Jennifer Hicks. To read the full article, click the link below.

... Read more - Nia – Exclusive Web Feature

By: Erika Fulenwider  |  In July, 2010

Editor Erika Fulenwider takes her first Nia class at the Yoga Romm in Sheung Wan with Tracey Fenner, the very first Nia teacher in Hong Kong.... Read more

WONDERWORD - Nia Exercises

By: David Ouellet  |  In WONDERWORD June, 2010

Now featuring a "Nia Exercises" puzzle, WONDERWORD is described as "the world's most popular puzzle," appearing in approximately 225 newspapers around the world. It is estimated that some million people of all ages enjoy solving WONDERWORD puzzles every day.

WONDERWORD first entered syndication in Edmonton and Montreal in 1970. Universal Press Syndicate of Kansas... Read more