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Press Coverage

Seven News Brisbane - Nia Technique in Australia on National TV

By: Liz Cantor  |  In Seven News Brisbane November, 2012

Nia Technique in the news in Brisbane. Reporter Liz Cantor takes a class with the fabulous Sophie Marsh.

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Rochdale News - Dance Teacher Shaves her Head for Charity

By: Colin Henrys  |  In Rochdale News November, 2012

"Isabelle Walker-Lefebvre, 47, a Nia dance teacher, will be feeling a lot more of the winter chill this year after having her long curly hair removed to raise money for depression-recovery charity Journeys."

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Good Health Magazine - A Spirited Workout

By: Good Health Magazine Editors  |  In Good Health Magazine November, 2012


"Nia is not your average dance class. It’s a wonderland of high kicks, shimmies, punches, stretches, noises, sweat, and lots of laughs. And before you think this sounds strangely like Zumba or Jazzercise, it’s not."

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WEGO Health Blog - Guest Post: Debbie Rosas, Co-Founder of Nia Technique

By: Jenny Block  |  In WEGO Health Blog November, 2012

"Nia is founded in the idea that fitness meant not only physical but emotional and spiritual well-being, and that pleasure and joy rather than pain and guilt produce lasting results, NIA carved new ground in the field of fitness by combining aerobic movements with T’ai Chi and other martial arts,... Read more

The Herald LA FEMME - Life-changing Nia at work

By: Neo Bodumela  |  In The Herald LA FEMME October, 2012

"There are no criteria to be met, you can just step into the room and build an awareness of your body and mind."

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The Seattle Times - In Nia Class, Kindness Comes with the Exercise

By: Nicole Tsong  |  In The Seattle Times October, 2012

"The Nia sequences were relatively simple and straightforward to follow, and mixed in different elements, such as karate chopping with the hands and kicks to the side. Some students smiled the entire time, and their enthusiasm was infectious." - Nicole Tsong

... Read more - Eastsider teaches movement and creativity classes at Evergreen State College

By: Nina Bondarook  |  In September, 2012

Little did Sarah Love know that when she started taking Nia classes in 1999, she would become one of the movement’s most dedicated instructors and eventually teach college students about the role that movement, visual art, music, writing and media can play in problem-solving.

Love, who holds a blue belt in... Read more

ORIGIN Magazine - TWO Nia Trainers listed as "Leaders Who Inspire" in Origin Magazine's Sep/Oct issue

By: ORIGIN Magazine  |  In ORIGIN Magazine September, 2012

Jule Aguirre and Helen Terry both were selected as Leaders Who Inspire in the September/October issue of ORIGIN Magazine.


Jule Aguirre, Dallas, TX.
International Nia Trainer

"move. Be Moved. BE.™" inspires me! Living and moving me while embracing the wholeness of Being delivers "life-enhancing, jaw-dropping transformation!"

Nia Black Belt Somatic Educator with the... Read more

Natural Awakenings - Nia Training with Shannon Mairs

By: Robert Dean  |  In Natural Awakenings September, 2012

"Shannon Mairs first experienced Nia, a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts, in 2003. The mother of twins (then 3 years old), she was overweight and easily became winded and short of breath. She knew it was time to make a change."

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INTOIT magazine - Minna Aalto INTO Movement

By: INTOIT magazine  |  In INTOIT magazine September, 2012

"Like so many of us, Minna Aalto took a few detours until she found her niche. Instead of following a career with her Master’s degree, she was moved to carve out a livelihood by teaching Nia, a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance and healing arts."

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Kirkland Reporter - Eastside Woman Teaches Movement & Creativity Classes at Evergreen State College

By: Nina Bondarook  |  In Kirkland Reporter September, 2012

"Eastside resident Sarah Love teaches Nia philosophy and techniques at Evergreen State College as part of the “Therapy Through the Arts” program taught by Gilda Sheppard and Carl Waluconis."

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Asia Spa Magazine - The Healing Power of Dance

By: Insiya Rasiwala-Finn  |  In Asia Spa Magazine September, 2012

"Universal among movement practices, dance is probably one of the most ancient, diverse and most lyrical ways through which humans have expressed ourselves."... Read more

Boulder Daily Camera - Classic Nia

By: Aimee Heckel  |  In Boulder Daily Camera August, 2012

Jill Factor, of Boulder, is a Nia Black Belt teacher and White Belt trainer. She has studied dance most of her life (modern, jazz) and was a member of the 40 Women Over 40 dance group. She discovered Nia 12 years ago and liked it because it combined movement and... Read more

The Weekender - Fitness through dance with Nia

By: Nikki M. Mascali, Weekender Editor  |  In The Weekender July, 2012

"Thanks to Zumba infomercials and testimonials, everyone knows that you can burn a lot of calories from dancing, but a new-to-NEPA dance fitness class hopes to teach participants more than just moves that burn."

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Xnet Lifestyle - The Nia Technique: Moving with Joy

By: Karin Arad  |  In Xnet Lifestyle July, 2012

Nia is a fun workout and lifestyle. It is based on the body's way, inspired and guided by the joy of movement. Nia teaches us to self-heal, condition our bodies and express our being.

Feel free to add your "talkbacks" at the end of this article.

... Read more - 5 Awesome Workouts for New Moms

By: Julie Revelant  |  In July, 2012 highlights five workouts, including Nia, that help new moms lose baby weight, increase their energy levels, relieve stress and more.

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France 3 Rhone - Alpes' Regional Edition - Nia with Maureen Small

By: Bérengère Bourgeot  |  In France 3 Rhone - Alpes' Regional Edition June, 2012

Nia Teacher Maureen Small has her Nia class featured on French Television in a report by journalist Bérengère Bourgeot for France 3 Rhone- Alpes' regional edition. Bourgeot  gives a short synopsis of the many benefits of Nia as a "new" fusion fitness that is growing in France. The report explains... Read more

Mind Body Spirit Guide - Nia Trainings: Discover what your body and mind can do

By: Jenny Block  |  In Mind Body Spirit Guide June, 2012

On pages 28 and 29, Jenny Block talks about Nia trainings and why every student should consider enrolling.... Read more

The Huffington Post - It Ain't Over: Too Big For Ballet? Dancer Returns To The Barre In Midlife To Prove Them Wrong

By: Lori Weiss  |  In The Huffington Post June, 2012

Dancer Kerry Ann King "breaks up" with ballet at the age of 14, and discovers, years later at the age of 41, that she is still a dancer, thanks to Nia.

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Conscious Dancer Magazine - Local Motion

By: DJ Root  |  In Conscious Dancer Magazine June, 2012

"DJ Root travels deep into the heart of our country and talks with five dynamic leaders about what it takes to create community."... Read more

Elephant Journal - Nia: Where Dance Meets Fitness

By: Jenny Block  |  In Elephant Journal June, 2012

Author and Nia student Jenny Block describes why she love Nia.... Read more

FabOverFifty - 7 workouts you’ve probably never tried…but should!

By: FOF Health Blog  |  In FabOverFifty June, 2012

"With so many new workout options available, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. Luckily, we’ve done some of the work for you! Here are 7 FOFriendly workouts that you’ve probably never tried but should! Plus, they were all started by FOFs!"

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Yahoo! Voices - Moving Harmoniously Throughout Your Day

By: Debbie Rosas  |  In Yahoo! Voices June, 2012

Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas talks about staying connected to the sensation of harmony.

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CTV Morning Live - Nia

By: Lianne Laing  |  In CTV Morning Live June, 2012

Lianne Laing, host of CTV Morning Live, interviews Nia Teacher Steffi Retzlaff about Nia, and joins in on a live demonstration. Watch the initial interview, and then check out the follow-up demonstration.

... Read more - Nia: Newest Workout In Sioux Falls

By: Casey Wonnenberg  |  In June, 2012

Melissa Kirby, the only certified Nia instructor in South Dakota, and one of her students, Mary Cunningham, talk about the benefits of Nia. Be sure to watch the video.

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Shannon Miller Lifestyle - Senior Health & Fitness Day Inspirational Stories

By: Shannon Miller Lifestyle  |  In Shannon Miller Lifestyle May, 2012

"Debbie Rosas is the creator of a new fitness craze called “Nia”. And she happens to be [61] years old. Nia is designed to work functionally with the body, reducing stress and injury, and increasing overall FUN in a workout. Rosas is the image of a young, energetic woman, regardless... Read more

Beliefnet - Choose Joy!

By: Debra Moffitt  |  In Beliefnet May, 2012

Debra Moffitt, author of "Awake in the World: 108 Practices to Live a Divinely Inspired Life," writes about joy and Nia. ... Read more - My Workout: Creative movement in Nia rounds out exercise routine

By: Nancy Dow  |  In May, 2012

Eric Johnson, a forensic and clinical psychologist with the Oregon Forensic Institute, is 58 years old and stands at 6 feet, 3 inches. Eighteen months ago, he was looking for something low-impact but aerobic to add to his workout, and began taking Nia. Now, Johnson takes two 75-minute Nia classes... Read more

Macau Closer - Nia Perfect

By: Jenny Block  |  In Macau Closer May, 2012

"When it comes to fitness, there's a lot of noise out there. Try this. Do that. Take this. Change that. But there's one thing that has stayed the same for thirty years now–the Nia Technique. And for good reason."

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CommonHealth, WBUR (Boston's NPR News Station) - Shake It Up: Nia, A Fusion Of Dance, Kicks And Spirit-Stirring

By: Rachel Zimmerman  |  In CommonHealth, WBUR (Boston's NPR News Station) May, 2012

Former dancer Rachel Zimmerman describes her first experience trying Nia and explains how it appealed to her "inner Martha Graham."... Read more - 7 Stress-Relieving Workouts that Aren't Meditation

By: Jessica Smith  |  In May, 2012 profiles seven modalities that are, "balanced and responsive to your body's needs."

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Daily Herald - ‘Dance of life’ blends yoga, martial arts

By: Lindsay Melvin  |  In Daily Herald May, 2012

"On a recent Monday night in Memphis, Tenn., women were stomping, swaying and growling to a tribal drumbeat."... Read more

Health 365 - Nia Technique with Zoë Katakuzinos

By: Health 365  |  In Health 365 May, 2012

Nia Teacher Zoë Katakuzinos explains how Nia works and describes the benefits of the practice.

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WNC Magazine - Dance Fever

By: Melissa Reardon  |  In WNC Magazine April, 2012

"Make your move with the therapeutic fitness technique of Nia."

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Wellness Times - Top 3 Dance Fitness Trends

By: Elizabeth Marglin  |  In Wellness Times April, 2012

"As dance-fusion routines are sweeping the nation, fitness creators want to take the work out of workout. Zumba focuses on fun; Nia on joy; and the Bar Method (the most discipline-heavy of these three popular trends) on the delights of achieving a long, lean, sculpted body."

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Local Matters - Harnessing the Power of Dance

By: Health & Lifestyle  |  In Local Matters April, 2012

"A class designed to enhance self-awareness and health, while freeing the spirit, is growing in popularity on the Coast."

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The Queensland Times - Everybody was kung-fu... dancing

By: Rebecca Lynch  |  In The Queensland Times April, 2012

"Remember Zumba, the Latin dance fitness craze that swept through Australia in 2010? Well, another hybrid dance movement is now sweeping the country and it's about to hit Ipswich."

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Brant News - Nia Jam for Alzheimer’s

By: J.P. Antonacci  |  In Brant News March, 2012

"Nia’s fluid blend of yoga, dance and martial arts that exercises the mind and body make it the perfect choice for a fundraiser to help people with dementia."

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Shaw TV Nanaimo - Nia

By: Dunia Tozy  |  In Shaw TV Nanaimo March, 2012

"[Nia] brings out that child-like feeling of just being able to move that we lose as adults." -Tristin Campbell, Nia Teacher... Read more

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Fusion Fitness

By: Helaine Williams  |  In Arkansas Democrat-Gazette March, 2012

"Six women, most of them barefoot, gear up for a Saturday morning fitness class at the Jesse Odom Community Center in Maumelle."

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The News & Advance - Sweet Briar president brings free-form fitness class to area

By: Liz Barry  |  In The News & Advance March, 2012

Jo Ellen Parker, president of Sweet Briar College, teaches Nia to students and staff three times a week.... Read more

The Seattle Times - At Gilda's Club Seattle, a decade of defying cancer

By: Jack Broom  |  In The Seattle Times March, 2012

Weekly sessions in Nia at Gilda's Club Seattle–now hosting support sessions, meetings, lectures, movies, meals, concerts, art groups, yoga and exercise classes and more for 20,000 members–gives cancer fighters a boost.... Read more - Nia Founder Coming to Honolulu

By: Paula Rath  |  In March, 2012

Fitness innovator Debbie Rosas, co-creator and founder of The Nia Technique, is coming to Oahu to lead a week-long blue belt training session from March 17 through 23 at the Still & Moving Center.... Read more

KDRV Local News - Amateur Athlete Of The Week: Rachael Resch

By: Chris Breece  |  In KDRV Local News March, 2012

"Rachael Resch teaches a class at the Dance Space in Ashland. Don't get it confused with Zumba, because Nia blends dance yoga and martial arts all in to one; it was created about 20 years ago by a few people who wanted to prevent injuries while working out."... Read more

Experience Life Magazine - Find Your Fitness Passion

By: Gina DeMillo Wagner  |  In Experience Life Magazine March, 2012

"They say that love can move mountains. Well, if you discover an activity that you love, it can convince you to move more, too — even if you’ve never enjoyed exercise in the past."

... Read more - Nia Fitness Mixes it up with Martial Arts and Yoga

By: Cathy Zimmerman  |  In February, 2012

"Dance exercise is a little like restaurant cuisine. It leaps from culture to culture, and the latest extended trend is fusion. At the year-old Snap Fitness franchise in Longview, a zesty routine is keeping members moving. Nia Dancing mixes the flavors of martial arts, yoga and ethnic folk dancing, with a... Read more

San Rafael Patch - Business Spotlight: Move Me Studio

By: Gabrielle Cullen  |  In San Rafael Patch February, 2012

"Welcome to a place where healing goes beyond the body, but includes the mind as well. Through the arts of Nia and Yoga, patrons will find inner peace and community."... Read more - Chichen Itza at the end of the Mayan Calendar

By: Jenny Block  |  In February, 2012

"If you want an inside look into what the future might bring, you could go to the source. Debbie Rosas, co-founder of Nia Technique, the dance/exercise/fitness class that has got people buzzing, will be part of a trip to the Yucatan to explore the area with guests and speak on... Read more

Balance magazine - Let's dance

By: Sarah Proctor  |  In Balance magazine February, 2012

Sarah Proctor, Nia teacher from York, shares her passion for Nia, a mind-body-spirit dance fusion exercise, which is gaining popularity in the UK since it was developed in the States almost 30 years ago. (See Balance magazine, Spring 2012, pages 134-135.)

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Redmond KOMO News - Nia event raises $700+ for Cancer Lifeline

By: Rose Egge  |  In Redmond KOMO News February, 2012

"On December 31, the eastside Nia community came together to support Cancer Lifeline, a healing non-profit organization, and raised $720!"

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