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Dance Studio Life - A New Look at Nia

By: Bonner Odell  |  In Dance Studio Life February, 2017

Nia. A fusion of dance, martial arts, and healing arts, Nia is a cardio fitness technique performed barefoot to music from around the world. Through a mix of simple choreography and guided improvisation, Nia instructors emphasize sensation and internal experience over outward aesthetics in an effort to cultivate awareness of... Read more

The Medium: The University of Toronto Mississauga - The Art of Nia

By: Noor Al-Lababidi  |  In The Medium: The University of Toronto Mississauga September, 2016

A student at the University of Toronto Mississauga describes their first experience in a Nia class. 

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DanceNearYou - The Nia Technique - Joyful Fitness for Mind, Body and Soul

By: Dorit Noble  |  In DanceNearYou September, 2016

Nia Trainer Dorit Noble talks about Nia as a fusion fitness practice & lifestyle on the website DanceNearYou. 

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DSTV - Nia Technique

By: Susan Sloan  |  In DSTV September, 2016

Susan Sloan & Nia South Africa are featured on a DSTV segment. 

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Bottom Line Inc. - Nia, a 1980s Dance Fitness Craze, Comes Roaring Back

By: Staff  |  In Bottom Line Inc. August, 2016

BottomLineInc. features Nia as a fusion fitness & conscious dance craze. 

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Fox2News Now - The Nia Technique- Fitness Through Dancing

By: Fox2News Now  |  In Fox2News Now August, 2016

Debbie Rosas shares about & demonstrates the Nia Technique on Fox2News Now in her hometown of St.Louis, MO. 

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TEDxUNO - Rediscovering The Joy of Movement

By: Grace Kolbo  |  In TEDxUNO March, 2016

Nia White Belt Teacher Grace Kolbo is a vocal performance major at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Grace completed her Nia White Belt training and received her teaching certificate in July 2015. During the Fall 2015 semester, Grace began her UNO FUSE funded project, “Exploring Nia for Singers.” Grace uses... Read more

Conscious Dancer - Conscious Dancer Magazine #23 Jan '16

By: Staff  |  In Conscious Dancer January, 2016

Nia & Debbie Rosas were two of the highest voted in The Best of Conscious Dance “word cloud” on pages 13-14 of Conscious Dance Magazine. 

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Portland Monthly - 50 Things Every Portlander Must Do

By: Marty Patail, Karen Brooks, Kelly Clarke, Ramona Denies, Allison Jones, Fiona Mccann, Rachel Ritchie, And Benjamin Tepler  |  In Portland Monthly December, 2015

Nia featured in number 24 in the Portland Monthly's "50 Things Every Portlander Must do", part of "Pick An Alt-Fitness Obsession". 

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Natural Awakenings - The Power of Conscious Dance

By: Gail Condrick  |  In Natural Awakenings December, 2015

Nia Trainer, Gail Condrick, writes about the power of concious dance in the practices of 5Rhythms, JourneyDance, and the Nia Technique. 

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The Inquirer - A cardio-dance workshop that can change your life

By: Anne A. Jambora  |  In The Inquirer December, 2015

Nia trainers Sabine Zweig and Philippe Beaufour lead a class in the Phillippines covered by Anne A. Jambora. They both share their Nia journeys and how Nia can change people's lives. Connection and Sensory Intelligence are also both mentioned in the article as leading sections.

... Read more - StudioNia Santa Fe

By: Carolyn Patten  |  In October, 2015

StudioNia Santa Fe offers healing through movement with The Nia Technique and has been providing classes, workshops and teacher trainings since 2009. Co-owners Kelle Rae Oien and Mark Frossard are pleased to create a community environment in their studio that is dedicated to Nia, self-mastery, and healing, as a way... Read more

The Wall Street Journal - Second Acts: From Economics Professor to Aerobics Instructor, A recent retiree from academia discovers new skills and inspiration leading fitness classes

By: Kristi Essick  |  In The Wall Street Journal October, 2015

A retired economics professor, Mary Huff Stevenson, shares how Nia Technique set the course for her postretirement job. She discusses how she was unhealthy and bored, and dropped into a Nia Technique class, which set the course for her life after the univeristy. She loves that she is able to... Read more - How one woman became addicted to exercise, and how she recovered

By: Lauren Pelley  |  In October, 2015

Jenn Hicks shares her experience of how anxiety fueled her to exercise, but soon turned into an addiction to continue getting physical results and looking a certain way. She shares her journey, that eventually led her to go to India and reset, and how Nia, coming from a place of... Read more - Exercise body and mind for higher ‘sensory IQ’: Fusing martial, dance and healing arts with nine different disciplines, Nia is a low-impact workout that gives you inner peace as well

By: Anne. A Jambora  |  In August, 2015

Emphasizing how each person is designed to work from your body's "natural design", Lourdes Jimenez describes the multi-layered positive benefits of the Nia Technique practice, emotionally and physically. She describes the movement modalities that are the foundation of Nia, her experience that led her to Nia and the history of Nia... Read more

TEDxHapmdenWomen - Taking Movement Beyond

By: Lola Manekin  |  In TEDxHapmdenWomen June, 2015

Life is about movement - everything in nature is in motion to create a balanced ecosystem. This balance should also occur within the body; it is our temple, it houses our spirit, and it is the expression of our existence. My talk is about how I help women in our... Read more - 131 DEBBIE ROSAS: “A Moving Conversation"

By: LeGrande Green  |  In May, 2015

Looking for health and healing? Your hands, hips and feet hold the key! “If you can walk, you’re dancing,” says Debbie Rosas, the revolutionary co-founder of The Nia Technique. “Nia is a design system for sustainability that creates a moving conversation for success.”

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Sammamish Scene - Horse Whisperer

By: David Hayes  |  In Sammamish Scene April, 2015

To the untrained eye, the scene unfolding in the pen looked simply like a horse cantering around the fence line, ignoring the woman in the middle trying vainly to corral the recalcitrant mare.

But then the amazing occurs — the horse stops, as if noticing the woman for the... Read more

Richmond Magazine - Let Loose: A Nia class can be fun and invigorating–but only if you check your ego at the door

By: Jessica Ronky Haddad  |  In Richmond Magazine January, 2015

I first heard about Nia from my massage therapist. As I visited with Sarah weekly to submit to intense sessions of deep tissue massage to relieve pain brought on by running and cycling, I was intrigued as she described Nia, a group dance class that combines elements of martial arts,... Read more

Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing Volume 18, Number 6 - A Review of Nia as an Exercise Option for Cancer Survivors

By: Debra Reis, MSN, RN, CNP, M. Eileen Walsh, PhD, APN, RN-BC, FAHA, Tisha Jones, MSW, and Stacey Young-McCaughan, RN, PhD, AOCN  |  In Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing Volume 18, Number 6 December, 2014

Nia is a fusion fitness program that blends elements from the dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts, creating a workout that is adaptable to all ages and fitness levels. As a nontraditional form of exercise, Nia integrates body, mind, and spirit as well as the five sensations of flexibility, agility, mobility, strength,... Read more

Natural Awakenings Monmouth/Ocean City, NJ - Fitness Re-Imagined. Check out Nia Technique!

By: Ines Altemose  |  In Natural Awakenings Monmouth/Ocean City, NJ August, 2014

Ines Altemose is a Nia Blue Belt and certified Nia 5 Stages Instructor. Ines discusses how fitness can be be re-imagined through listening to "Your Body's Way", which is the foundation of Nia Technique. She gives an outline of what to expect in a fun-filled Nia class. You too can follow... Read more

Oncology Nursing Forum - ProMedica Cancer Institute Study Identifies Benefits of Nia Exercise for Breast Cancer Patients

By: Debra Reis, RN, ProMedica Cancer Institute; Eileen Walsh, PhD, RN, University of Toledo School of Nursing; Stacey Young-McCoughlin, PhD, RN, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; and Tisha Jones, MSW, ProMedica Cancer Institute.  |  In Oncology Nursing Forum October, 2013

Researchers from ProMedica Cancer Institute have released new findings about the benefits of Nia exercise for individuals with breast cancer. Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that heals the body using music and movement. The results of a 12-week study indicate that Nia significantly reduced fatigue in patients receiving radiation therapy. Patients... Read more

Oncology Nursing Forum - Effects of Nia exercise in women receiving radiation therapy for breast cancer

By: Reis D, Walsh ME, Young-McCaughan S, Jones T.  |  In Oncology Nursing Forum September, 2013

Abstract: To compare a 12-week nontraditional exercise Nia program practiced at home to usual care on fatigue, quality of life (QOL), aerobic capacity, and shoulder flexibility in women with breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy.

22 women were randomized to the Nia group and 19 to the usual care group.... Read more

NeurologyNow Magazine - This Way In: Nia for Parkinson’s Disease

By: Olga Rukovets  |  In NeurologyNow Magazine April, 2013

Neurologists are studying the link between mind-body practices and positive changes in mobility and stress levels. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease(PD) are enthusiastic about the benefits they are experiencing from Nia practice. Some people with PD say Nia has helped them with balance, strength, endurance, and vocalization. Anecdotally, Lemen says, they are hearing a... Read more

New Mexico Magazine - Inside Sports

By: Candace Walsh  |  In New Mexico Magazine March, 2013

Candace Walsh, a StudioNia community member who wrote this article, is also the author of Licking the Spoon: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Identity. She writes about her personal transformation through Nia in the book as well.

New Mexico is well known for outdoor sports like skiing and hiking, but... Read more

The New Mexican Newspaper - Love your body, love your life

By: Leticia López  |  In The New Mexican Newspaper February, 2013

In a recent class at StudioNia Santa Fe, Nia black-belt teacher Kelle Rae Oien cues up a piece accented by cellos and flutes. As the friendly chatter in the room subsides and the notes swell to a crescendo, Mona Lisa smiles appear on the students’ lips. They take a single step forward as an... Read more

South African Woman & Home Magazine - W&H Trend Report 2013

By: W&H  |  In South African Woman & Home Magazine February, 2013

We asked top global trendspotters to predict what we'll be buying, eating, watching - and even thinking - in 2013.

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The Villager - Studio Joy to hold open house tomorrow

By: Wicked Local Northborough  |  In The Villager February, 2013

New students will have a unique opportunity to experience a Free Nia class first hand and learn more about this new and exciting practice called Nia. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet with co-owners and Nia trained instructors Jenny Silverberg of Westborough and Amy Podolsky of... Read more

Caldera Spas: Twenty-minute Renewal - Sitting Well: Improve Posture with these Ten Healthy Habits

By: Tara Rayburn  |  In Caldera Spas: Twenty-minute Renewal January, 2013

This story lists Nia as one of ten simple habits to improve posture.

10 Simple Habits to Improve Posture

  1. Begin and end your day with chest opening and upper back (rhomboid) stretching and strengthening exercises.
  2. Set a timer every half hour and take immediate note of your posture. Relax and reposition. Please, uncross... Read more

Marie Claire, South Africa, Online - Nia: Mind and Body Fitness

By: Thabile Mnguni  |  In Marie Claire, South Africa, Online January, 2013

Who says exercise has to hurt? With Nia the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ does not exist. Established in the 80s by Debbie Rosas, Nia is fusion fitness – a dynamic blend of the dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. It creatively integrates the mindfulness of the martial arts... Read more

101.9 - Chai FM - Susan Sloan and Taryn Harris on the Afro Yiddish Princess Radio Show

By: Afro Yiddish Princess Producers  |  In 101.9 - Chai FM January, 2013

Hear Susan Sloan and Taryn Harris talk about Nia on South African Radio 101.9 - Chai FM on the Afro Yiddish Princess Radio Show.

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Niagra Advance - Dance to end Violence Against Women

By: Penny Coles  |  In Niagra Advance January, 2013

Local Niagra area media reports that Nia, a local dance and fitness group, is opening its community centre class on Valentine’s Day to those who want to join in this [One Billion Rising] movement.

If you’ve watched Nia, you will understand why it is an appropriate expression of support for women.

It... Read more

The Citizen - Fitness Fusion

By: Genevieve Vieira   |  In The Citizen January, 2013

As children, we had no inhibitions. Learning to crawl, climb and walk were second nature and all part of the development process. However, as soon as adolescence kicked in, so did “the fear”. Fear of our physical environment and fear of fitting in. Visiting a Nia class (Nia is a... Read more

Yoga and Spa Magazine - The Metamorphosis of Studio Gaia

By: Sally Burgess  |  In Yoga and Spa Magazine January, 2013

In this cover story, Studio Gaia owner Sally Burgess talks about her studio and about Nia. "Nia is growing wildly in popularity and at this moment in time, Studio Gaia is the only place it it offered in Edwardsville and the surrounding area. Like chocolate, Nia must be experienced... Read more - YourHub - Fitness Out of the Box & Your Chance to Win

By: Carri Wilbanks  |  In - YourHub January, 2013

This fitness round-up includes the Nia Technique, about which writer Carri Wilbanks says, "Get ready to groove with an open mind. Nia encourages students to make their own movement choices based on a provided structure. Combining concepts from yoga, tai chi and dance, this sensory-based workout will keep you moving... Read more

New Day, King5 TV - Nia = Martial Arts + Healing Arts on New Day Morning News Show

By: New Day Producers  |  In New Day, King5 TV January, 2013

"Nia Fitness is a dance workout that includes both martial arts and healing arts.  Jill Pagano stopped by New Day with some other Nia instructors to show what it's all about," producers of the morning television show New Day explain.

Pagano speaks eloquently about the practice and does a demonstration for... Read more

Longevity Magazine - Stepping into the World of Nia

By: Kim Bell  |  In Longevity Magazine January, 2013

It seemed a good way to start the first work Friday of 2013 – an introduction class to Nia Technique – fitness with a difference. The invite to the media champagne breakfast instructed that I wear loose clothing, and directed me to Studio Kairos in Hume Road, Dunkeld West.

To be... Read more

Big Island News - Get Real Now - A New Re-Treat for Women

By: Lisa Chaly  |  In Big Island News January, 2013

With MacArthur’s many years of experience as a teacher of the Nia Technique (a martial arts, dance, and healing arts practice), along with a background in facilitating Trance Dance Rituals, and Jane’s 20 years of Women’s Circle work, together they have created spaces for people around the world to nurture... Read more - How to get - and stay - healthy this New Year

By: Jenny Block  |  In December, 2012

We all say we're going to do it, and then most of us never do: Resolve to finally achieve a healthy, active lifestyle in the New Year. Fitness guru Debbie Rosas discusses nine tips to transform your resolution dream into a reality 

... Read more

Fifty Plus - Putting your mind to it: Holistic fitness exercises body, mind, and spirit

By: Lynn Pribus  |  In Fifty Plus December, 2012

“Exercise that’s done strictly for its own physical sake, divorced from the emotions and human spirit, isn’t satisfying, isn’t fun, and eventually fails. To feel good enough to last a lifetime, an exercise regimen must satisfy the heart and soul.” - Debbie Rosas

... Read more

The Network Journal - How to Stay Mentally and Physically Fit During the Holiday Season

By: Ann Brown  |  In The Network Journal December, 2012

The holiday season can be mentally and physically draining, unless you take time to take care of yourself. Writer Ann Brown shares tips from Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas about how you can stay mentally sharp and physically fit.  

... Read more

Natural Awakenings, Austin, TX Edition - Nia, Not the Average Dance Class

By: Staff Writer  |  In Natural Awakenings, Austin, TX Edition December, 2012

Nia teacher Julie Wylie explains how the modality is designed to condition individuals to meet the demands of life at every age.

... Read more

Woman's Day Magazine - Teaming Up for Health

By: Molly M. Ginty  |  In Woman's Day Magazine December, 2012

When Helen and Felice decided to meet twice a week to take a Nia dance class (which incorporates martial arts moves, yoga and modern dance), they were hoping to improve their flexibility and strength. Little did they know that three years later, they would gain an unexpected benefit: height! Their... Read more - "Dancing 4 Walls" Nia Class to Benefit 4 Walls Project

By: Staff Writer  |  In December, 2012

Rochester Nia Black Belt teacher Jane Pagano will hold "Dancing 4 Walls" to raise funds and awareness for the 4 Walls Project/Proyecto 4 Parades at 10:30 a.m. Dec. 29 at the Tango Café Dance Studio, 389 Gregory St.

... Read more

Huffington Post - Getting to the Core: Four Myths About Strengthening Your Abs

By: Stacy Barrows  |  In Huffington Post December, 2012

What exactly is the core? When I asked this of my 92-year-old mother-in-law, she said it had something to do with her abdominals. When I taught anatomy for a Pilates certification training, I decided to survey fitness and health professionals on what they felt the core muscles were.

... Read more

A Weight Lifted - Experiencing My First Nia Class

By: Melissa - Green Mountain Fitness Intern  |  In A Weight Lifted December, 2012

"It was the most mindful movement practice I have ever done; I was able to tune out of any self-criticism and tune into sensation at an exponential level. The music pulsed through me and I felt more sensations than I ever thought possible; my hair brushing my back as I... Read more - A New Movement Form That Feels Good

By: Staff  |  In November, 2012

Yonit has three cervical bulged discs and two lumber bulged discs. Her doctors told her she should not be dancing. Yet dance was part of Yonit's life, and her inner voices told her not give up.

... Read more - Health Briefs: Nia Fundraiser to Benefit Salvation Army

By: BlueRidgeNow Editorial Team  |  In November, 2012

"A Nia fundraiser is set for 10:15-11:30 a.m. Saturday at the Henderson County Family YMCA at 810 Sixth Ave. W. in Hendersonville.

A donation of $10 is suggested. Proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army's Christmas Cheer Program, which will benefit more than 5,500 individuals in this area... Read more

Thrive Magazine - Nia Technique - Stop Exercising and Start Moving

By: Thrive Staff Wirter  |  In Thrive Magazine November, 2012


"But what if exercise was fun and perhaps so much so, that we could actually look forward to it? According to those who regularly do Nia classes, that’s exactly what it can be."

... Read more

Skagit Valley Herald - Healing Through Movement

By: Erinn Unger  |  In Skagit Valley Herald November, 2012

Debbie DuPey leads a class in Nia at the Anacortes Center for Happiness. Nia includes elements of yoga, dance, and martial arts.

... Read more