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3X13 It's My Birthday: The Art of Sensation by Karri Winn PART 1

3X13 It's My Birthday: The Art of Sensation by Karri Winn PART 1

Karri Winn

3X13 It's My Birthday: The Art of Sensation by Karri Winn PART 1

Event Type: Other

Start: Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 5:30pm

End: Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 7:45pm


918 SW Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97205, USA


Suggested donation (per event) $13, 26 or 39 - No one turned away, no donation is too small!!!! If you have a StudioNia class card - your class card amount will be donated.

This event is modeling inclusivity, transparency and authenticity.  These are fundamental values of a healthy world where all life and everyone's gifts are honored.

All donations will be split equally between the organizations + I'll be tipping out our musicians; everything will be transparent!  After the events, I will send an email to everyone who attended with a report of the total donation dollar amount and how it was allocated and most importantly the gift to the two organizations.

Your emails will not be shared and I will use them only once for this report.

Notes About This Event

The Art of Sensation - Part 1- Earth Day

Benefit for World Pulse and Women's Earth Alliance
Honoring women leaders around the world!

Super fun, hot, expressive, artful, playful dance fashion encouraged!!!!!

Earth Day - April 22
Studio Opens at 5:30
Experience 5:50-7:45 pm


Jensine Larsen, Founder World Pulse
A special movement gift from Dr. Lovebody
Live musicians: Troy Lush, Danny Brent, Jim Prescotthttp://www.jimijazzmusic.com
Earth Blessing

The Art of Sensation is about living into my greatness and sharing my gifts with the world.  This event is an expression of love - of my body, the gift of life, of my beautiful friends, community, ancestors and the opportunity i get every day to learn about myself.  I'm inspired by the triptych - a kind of triad.  The Art of Sensation is a triptych - a living art that will be lived once in all of time through our present bodies.

Earth Day is only one year older than me  - this is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day (at least in modern times - the vast cultures of the world have always celebrated our beautiful planetary home)!  I am blessed to be an advisor of the Women's Earth Alliance http://www.womensearthalliance.org and a completely inspired fan of World Pulse based here in Portland, OR  http://www.worldpulse.com. I saw Jensine speak at http://www.bioneers.org last fall. Her work just filled me with gratitude tears - Jensine is amazing!!  Both of these organizations are supporting women leaders around the world living on the front lines of some of the most incredible ecological, social and human rights issues. 

When I turned 16, with the help of a wild lion, I stepped onto this great path of service to health and wellness of the earth, community and all beings.  In 1993 I received a triptych of teachers that changed my life forever.  In honor of teachers and what they give us, The Art of Sensation is dedicated to Nia, Debbie and Carlos.

And with deep gratitude to all of the amazing beings at Guayaki, and especially Patrick Lee and my beautiful brother Mateo Sluder, for supporting this event! http://www.guayaki.com
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