Nia Teacher CommUnity Retreat to Refuel Life Force & Harmonize w/ Nature

Nia Teacher CommUnity Retreat to Refuel Life Force & Harmonize w/ Nature

Jill Pagano

Nia Teacher CommUnity Retreat to Refuel Life Force & Harmonize w/ Nature

Nia Teacher CommUnity Retreat to Refuel Life Force & Harmonize w/ Nature

Event Type: Other

Start: Friday, August 22, 2014 at 6:00pm

End: Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 4:00pm


7585 Maxwelton Rd , Clinton, WA, US


Weekend rate: $270

Daily Rates available from $40-150 depending on length of the day.

Notes About This Event

Dear Nia Teachers and all Belt Graduates,

One day while visiting Nia Faculty Trainer Jill Pagano at her studio in West Seattle, Blue Belt Teacher Sommer Joy Albertsen began to speak about the powerful healing effect of the natural elements--water, sun, fire, earth, wind--in the island's natural surroundings.

That conversation sparked our Desire. Imagination and Expectation of gathering on Whidbey Island for the intent of increasing life force in a natural surroundings with our community of teachers.

“How can we, together, create a beautiful opportunity for ourselves and other Nia teachers to reboot, rejuice, reconnect and find harmony internally and within community?

Our conversation led to other conversations, which guided us to excitedly offer a Nia Teacher Retreat (for graduates too!) on magical Whidbey Island in the glory of summer--August 22-24th.

With another conversation to create the outline, held during April’s collaborative moon and eclipse energy, the retreat sessions unfolded with powerful flow--as if tuned to a frequency and magic bigger than either of us! This no longer was a retreat of “workshopswe were offering”. Amidst goose-bump moments and the sensation of Yes! in our body, the evolution of the weekend revealed itself through our voices, yet somehow, thecollective voice--come together to refuel and rejoice in Nia and our community. At the end of our conversation-to-create, we indeed both sensed healing rise and transform us. We ended the call grateful for the opportunity to create and serve.

Here we are now, a month later, ready to share this golden-infused weekend with you, in the heart of the upcoming warm Summer sun. **We felt called to create** this weekend and feel the yearning for time together.

We invite you to join us in the magical natural setting of Whidbey Island.

                Cast into the breeze by the sea.

                Step into the shifting sand.

                Release worries into water's edge, slip into boundless dance.

The weekend offerings include:

**4 Nia Classes under the Summer sun on the beach, and other unique sacred spaces.

**4 Playshop sessions designed to refuel connection to Self, to Nia, to Livelihood, and to Community.

 **Inspiration from four ceremonies honoring the inspirational elements of Fire & Sun, Earth, Water, and Wind.

**A welcoming place to revisit your Sacred Livelihood, emerge with a revised and liberated Nia-potent business story.

**Reframe business barriers, shine stories of vulnerable strength, and humanize the harmony in our Nia community and beyond.

**Re-light your White Belt principles.

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