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Nia & Yoga Retreat

Nia & Yoga Retreat

Tracey Fenner

Nia & Yoga Retreat

Nia & Yoga Retreat

Event Type: Workshop

Start: Sunday, May 25, 2014 at 12:00am

End: Sunday, June 1, 2014 at 12:00am


29567 Jorox, Málaga, Spain



Notes About This Event


Nia Hong Kong are very pleased to offer you the opportunity to experience a Nia & Yoga Retreat in the wonderful, tranquil and beautiful surroundings of Molino Del Rey in Southern Spain. Hosted by Certified Nia Black Belt Instructor Tracey Fenner & British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Jane Francis. A full week dedicated the JOY of Nia and Hatha Yoga.  A week dedicated to you, to your body and to your body's ability to heal. To take time away from your everyday life and move towards a truer and more authentic relationship with your inner self. A week where you will be surrounded by love, laughter and friendship, incredible cuisine and Spanish sunshine. A treat for the senses!

Hatha yoga uses the postures or asanas which are used to strengthen, stretch, and tone the body as part of yogic practice. During a hatha yoga session, the practitioner will move through a number of these poses, holding them for varying amounts of time and working in a set order to ensure that muscle groups are slowly warmed up and evenly worked. An important aspect of hatha yoga is pranayama, or breathwork. Control of the breath is said to be vital to the control of the body, and it also encourages an inward focus which can help to develop one's spirituality. The practice of meditation is also deemed to be an important part of hatha yoga, although not all people engage in meditation. The practice of yoga tends to promote a calm, still state which can be conducive to meditation, and this is part of the goal of yogic practice.

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