The first Nia and Horses® White Belt Training!

Randee Fox

The first Nia and Horses® White Belt Training!

The first Nia and Horses® White Belt Training!

Event Type: Other

Start: Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 3:00pm

End: Friday, August 1, 2014 at 4:30pm


25025 NE 8th Street, Sammamish, WA, US



Notes About This Event

Nia and Horses® White Belt Training, developed by Nia Faculty Trainer and equestrian educator, Randee Fox is for every body wanting to deepen their Nia practice, both dancing in the studio, in nature and with horses. Whether you are drawn to horses (no horse experience necessary) or are an equestrian, or an equestrian educator, you will resonate with this special White Belt Training. This training is the prerequisite you will need to license as a classic Nia teacher and/or a Nia and Horses® teacher - bringing Nia to equestrians and horse lovers.

All of Nia’s 13 White Belt Principles are applicable and synchronous to movement with horses, enhancing sensory IQ, physical awareness, body language and energetic communication with horses.

Because it is in a horse’s nature to ‘mirror’ our movement and energy bodies, their feedback can inform us of our leadership qualities, teaching styles and ability to connect to our own sensations moment-to-moment. Nia and Horses® White Belt Training will give you new tools to greater self awareness, movement habits and how you present yourself as a leader in the world.
Whether you are wanting to become a Nia Teacher, deepen your Nia practice or are an active equestrian or equestrian educator, Nia and Horses® White Belt Training will open opportunities for you to create a more finely-tuned sense of aesthetic, rhythm by offering a wide range of physical, expressive movement and musical enhancement tools. 

Feed your creative appetite and immerse yourself into the week-long Nia and Horses® White Belt Training and retreat, grounded in nature, harmony, ease and physical sensation at The Blue Heron Ranch.

Nia and Horses® White Belt Training also offers opportunities for you to somatically connect more deeply your nature, your ‘animal self’. Sessions are taken in a beautiful light-filled 1,500 square foot dance studio, in the horse arena with horses, on wooded trails, under trees, and on hillsides with soft beds of grass while experiencing your body’s nature in nature. Nia and Horses® White Belt Training is fun, filled with adventure and surprise.

Blue Heron Ranch Studio is an inspirational movement space with sprung wood floors, high ceilings, surrounded by nature, horse pastures and filled with light - a perfect place to take your Nia and Horses® White Belt Training.

Upon taking Nia and Horses® White Belt Training, you will graduate as a Nia White Belt practitioner and have the opportunity to certify as a licensed Nia Educator via The Nia Livelihood Membership. 

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