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Niamaste Plearn & Play Weekend in Uppsala!

Niamaste Plearn & Play Weekend in Uppsala!

Kathleen Anderson de Miranda

Niamaste Plearn & Play Weekend in Uppsala!

Niamaste Plearn & Play Weekend in Uppsala!

Event Type: Playshop

Start: Friday, September 12, 2014 at 6:30pm

End: Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 3:00pm


2F Portalgatan , Uppsala , UP, SE


Weekend Packages                                             

Entire weekend:                    1495 kr / 170 euros

Sat Plearn + Sun Playshop:  1330 kr / 150 euros

Fri event + Sat Plearn:            975 kr / 110 euros

Can't make the entire weekend but want to join the fun? Individual sessions available too. See below.


Notes About This Event

Niamaste comes to Sweden for the first time! Join Sabine Zweig and Philippe Beaufour, Nia Training Faculty from Auroville, India. EVERYbody and every BODY is welcome!

FRIDAY, 6:30-8:30pm:  Niamaste Celebration Event

SATURDAY, 9-10 am: Masterclass, "Rise"

SATURDAY, 9:30 am-6:30 pm: "Rise" Plearn --> Play + Learn Niamaste's most recent routine! (includes 60-minute Masterclass). Dance, play, move, listen adn learn the choreography from the new Nia routine, RISE, which Sabine and Philippe choreographed. Experience and explore the tools Music, Movement and Magic in Form and freedom. World fusion meets funk, jazz, hip-hop, and harmonic atmosphere in this beautiful and graceful blend of music. 

SUNDAY, 10-11:30 M: Niamaste Masterclass, "Special Awake"

SUNDAY, 10am-3pm: Niamaste Playshop: Life As Art! (includes a 90-minute Masterclass). Find and express your creativity through movement and sensations based on the Nia Technique. Together we will explore the esthetic of movement and stillness with beautiful world fusion music: A real journey into the Joy of Movement and dance of life to celebrate our individual creative source.  

Portens Dansstudio:

Lodging and transportation: If you need additional info, send me an email!

Registration & Conditions: Registration by email ( + electronic payment to BG 804-1170. Include your name + Niamaste. Registration is binding. In the case of cancellation, you need to cancel no later then the 15th of August. If you cancel after 15 August, you will be responsible for half of the cost.  

** Are you coming from outside Sweden? ** You can pay directly to the following account:

Kathleen A. Rodrigues de Miranda, SEB Bank (Sweden)

IBAN Number: SE4350000000053681054770

Bic-code: ESSESESS


Individual Events                  

Fri, Celebration event (2 hrs):  225 kr / 25 euros                                                        

Sat, Plearn:                              850 kr / 95 euros   

Sat, Masterclass, 60 min:        150 kr / 17 euros 

Sun, Playshop:                         625 kr / 70 euros

Sun, Masterclass, 90 min:       180 kr / 20 euros

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