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Plearn - Canta

Plearn - Canta

Winalee Zeeb

Plearn - Canta

Plearn - Canta

Event Type: Workshop

Start: Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 4:30pm

End: Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 9:00pm


918 SW Yamhill, 4th Floor, Portland, OR, US


Early Bird Registration: $85
Registration the Weekend of: $11

Notes About This Event

 Play and Learn (Plearn) the Nia routine, Canta, with Nia Trainer Winalee Zeeb. This two-day event happens November 10th, 4:30 PM-9:00 PM and November 11th, 4:30 PM-9:00 PM. The intent is to tap into movement variety to create new neuromuscular pathways. Canta is a perfect Classic Nia routine for learning to teach the moves in all Three Movement Levels. Let your inner dancer out to play, and follow Your Body's Way. No previous Nia experience is needed in order to attend.

Winalee is a Nia Black Belt Trainer who has been teaching Nia since 1991. She is also a singer, motivational keynote speaker, and yoga instructor. As Nia Co-Creator Debbie Rosas explains, "Winalee truly models what it means to listen to sensation and choose joy in every moment."

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