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A Taste of Niability

A Taste of Niability

Kat Gillett

A Taste of Niability

A Taste of Niability

Event Type: Workshop

Start: Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 12:00pm

End: Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 6:00pm


$65.00 per person for early-bird registration
$85.00 per person after July 24th. 

Notes About This Event

Whether you simply want to improve the way you do Nia, or are on a sincere path towards mastering the technique, come deepen your Nia experience in this unique exploration of Nia’s Movement Forms (in the martial arts, healing arts, and dance arts).

"This workshop is an incredible opportunity to fully grasp, explore and refine the nine movement forms of Nia – regardless of your skill or belt level. It is absolutely a fundamental part of continuing education." Debbie Rosas Stewart, Nia Co-Founder

If you’re a Nia student, you will discover new ways to:
• Improve the way you do Nia
• Increase your strength and mobility
• Move with more freedom — and safety
• Achieve higher levels of personal wellness

"What I got from Niability was completely unexpected. My sense of balance has increased 50%, my form has improved, and I don't hurt my feet or joints anymore. I feel more joyful in my dance, and it shows!" Rachel W., Nia Student

If you’re a Nia teacher, you will:
• Be re-inspired and re-invigorated about the Nia technique
• Better understand the roots of what you’re teaching
• Feel more confident as a teacher
• Notice immediate results in your very next class.

“As a teacher, Niability has made a huge shift for me. I feel more confident. I have a much bigger bag of tricks in how to teach — from how to more deeply and easily sink and rise, to how to create every step we place on the earth. By understanding the roots of what I’m doing, I can model it better for my students. And as a Nia dancer, the very first time I taught after Niability, I felt lighter than air!” Gayle H., Nia Teacher

Click here to learn more about the workshop experience, the rewards you’ll gain, and where your dollars will go: http://www.niability.com.

Event Schedule
Saturday July 31- 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Sunday August 1- 12:00pm - 6:00pm

A Taste of Niability is another Nia headquarters fundraising event. 30% of the proceeds will go to Nia Headquarters to offset the costs of hosting this event. 30% will go to Kat Gillett to offset her travel expenses. And a full 40% of the proceeds from this workshop will be donated to Meals on Wheels, a non-profit organization in Portland that provides hot, nutritious meals to seniors who would otherwise be at risk of malnutrition.

This event will be registered through a third party service. A new page will open to sign in or register.