Nia: The Science of Form and Freedom - FreeDancing through Life

Ken Gilbert

Nia: The Science of Form and Freedom - FreeDancing through Life

Nia: The Science of Form and Freedom - FreeDancing through Life

Event Type: Workshop

Start: Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 7:40am

End: Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 9:30am


49-499 Eisenhower Drive , La Quinta, CA, US


Explore your personal and professional journey to wholeness at the premiere retreat in mind-body-spirit.

•Design your own wellness experience with over 95 mind-body-spirit sessions
each designed to integrate wholeness in your practice

•Over 40 industry-leading presenters—Get inspired by a community of purposeful thought leaders:
Rael Isacowitz, MA, Max Strom, PJ O'Clair, David Dorian Ross, and more

•Enjoy the secluded location and calming environment of La Quinta, the perfect setting
for your relaxing Inner IDEA retreat

•This intimate educational experience is limited to 550 attendees to provide opportunity
for in-depth learning, reflection and meaningful connection with a community of like-minded people

Notes About This Event

Discover, explore and integrate Nia FreeDance – an Eight Stage practice of body-centered movement and choreography. Moving and playing in the structured practice of form (technique) and freedom (expressivity), FreeDance is guided by either a teacher or by oneself using simple suggestions.  Investigate both non-structured and disciplined movement that develops the personal space to explore music, intensities, relationships, movement, and human dynamics stimulating you to move organically – freely and expressively in a non-judgmental way by breaking the neurological pathways of movement habits and tendencies. FreeDance brings you closer to the source of your authentic movement and dance, the place where your unique spirit and your body come together in a practice that stimulates your everyday movement function and creativity to balance body•mind•emotion•spirit.