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Tran-Siberian Orchestra Holiday Nia Celebration

Tran-Siberian Orchestra Holiday Nia Celebration

Barb Wesson

Tran-Siberian Orchestra Holiday Nia Celebration

Tran-Siberian Orchestra Holiday Nia Celebration

Event Type: Dance Jam

Start: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 6:00pm

End: Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 7:15pm


1319 Highway 175, Hubertus, WI, US


Use your class card for Sacred Space Studio or pay $15 at the door.

Notes About This Event

The music is BIG, the movements are expressive, and the magic lies in our dance of these stories of hope, love and compassion. Treat your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit to a holiday Nia class with Barb Wesson, Nia black belt teacher and white belt trainer. The music is “Christmas Eve and Other Stories” from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Be prepared to move your body in response to musical emotion.

Paul O’Neill, one of the creators of TSO is often asked, “What is the purpose of art?” His response is, "The purpose of art is to create an emotional response from the person exposed to that art. The easiest emotion to trigger is anger but anyone, even a child, can do it. The emotions of empathy, love, and compassion are much harder to evoke but since they operate on a much greater level they bring a much greater reward. This is the first Christmas Rock Opera of a trilogy.

Barb, the choreographer of this classic Nia routine, played with this album for 4 years before the magic fully emerged. Not knowing of Paul’s quote above, Barb was intent on bringing the emotion of the music into choreography that is simple yet magical. She invites each student to allow the emotion to move their body, to become the emotions. She says that this is her greatest creative work to date. As the holiday season approaches, she looks forward to sharing this masterpiece once more.

At once, a celebration for what is and hope for what can be, this dance is certain to bring a smile to your face, hope to your heart, and compassion to all you meet on your path. We will dip and soar and twirl. We may sing and chant. We will emote with all our realms!! And we will sweat.

What people are saying:

“When I dance Barb's choreography to TSO I become a storyteller with my body. Every word of every song, every movement every feeling integrates body, mind and spirit. Dancing this musical story is a meaningful joyful way to celebrate the holiday season.” Kate

"TSO is one of the highlights of the holiday season for me! Since I started NIA I don't think I have missed an opportunity to dance TSO. I encourage others to join us as well. The music, the choreography, the blend of dance and community sends me into rapture every time. It never gets old and I look forward to it every year!" Angie

“This routine makes me feel Christmas from the inside out. It brings the beautiful music of the season alive for me and makes me ready to "live" the season.” Anne

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