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Movement As Metta~phor; A 24 hour Journey

Movement As Metta~phor; A 24 hour Journey

Andrea Bell

Movement As Metta~phor; A 24 hour Journey

Movement As Metta~phor; A 24 hour Journey

Event Type: Other

Start: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 12:00pm

End: Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 12:00pm


701 sw 6th Ave, Portland, OR, US



This is a non Nia event,as in there is no structured dance or movement....move/dance from what inspires you to offer from your being.

However it is very Nia related in that we are moving with a conscious purpose and this is surely part of my sacred I hope it is yours too.

See us then!!

Notes About This Event

  Video Invitation here:

I have been inspired to create a 24 hr movement Movement...and I extend the invitation for you to join me.

                                                                                     What is "movement"?
                                                       The act,or instance of moving;a change in place or position.
                      A series of actions and events taking place,over a period of time and working to foster a principle or policy.

                                                                           I bring you Movement As Metta~phor
                                                                       A 24 hour Journey,moving with purpose.
                                                                                      A call to Awareness.
                                                                                       A call for change.

                   We will be moving for all sentient beings, seen/unseen...That all beings know Love,Peace and an end to Suffering.
                             This event will be held in Pioneer Square September 11th,2013...time of highest light to time of highest light
                                                                                       Noon-Noon,Sept 12th.
Please feel free to come partake with a movement offering,for a minute,for an hour,or join me for 24 consecutive hours.Your choice.

                                                                         This event is free,and open to all.

...and to all my friends who say they cannot dance,this isn't about dance,it's about movement....walk,hop.skip,crawl,roll,or dance...offer your movement,consciousness and energy to the Movement,in your way.

                                                                         This is Ritual,whole tribe ritual.
                                      Outside the designated movement circle,feel welcome to sit,meditate.

                                                                                  Movement as Metta~phor.
                                                                                          Prayer in Motion.
                                                                                        Moving Meditation.
                                                                                                Life As Art.

                                                                                            Be the Symbol
                                                                                         Make the Gesture
                                                                                           Foster in Change

  I am hopeful this becomes an annual event...seeding,,global.........:):) No dream too big and no dreamer too small :)

                                                                                 I endure in order to know
                                                                                    Transcending Healing.
                                                                         I seal the Cosmic Tone of Presence
                                                                          I am guided by the Power of Magic

                                                                                                    I AM
                                                                                           WE...Are LOVE

                                                      May all beings know Love,Peace,and an end to Suffering.

(please share this/invite your friends,and/or consider starting something similar in your towns if you live outside range to travel here :))
                                                 Pioneer Courthouse Square Beginning Noon Sept.11,2013-Noon Sept.12,2013
                                                           contact me w/ any questions at
                                                                                       thank you.......

This event will be registered through a third party service. A new page will open to sign in or register.