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Nia FreeDance Workshop

Nia FreeDance Workshop

Gail Condrick

Nia FreeDance Workshop

Nia FreeDance Workshop

Event Type: Workshop

Start: Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 1:00pm

End: Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 3:30pm


2033 54th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL, US


$30 in advance, $45 Day of event

Register with Christine,

Notes About This Event

Learn How to DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING with Gail Condrick, Nia Trainer!
Deepen Your Dance experience in a Nia FreeDance Workshop.
Contact: Christine…
FreeDance stimulates movement creativity, a sense of vitality and renewal, self-healing and well being. Experience the freedom in Nia to expand your movement choices and express yourself in more dynamic and authentic ways, finding the REAL YOU in YOUR Dance and intensify your workout!
FreeDance brings your unconscious creative self to the surface and into the light, to connect with your inner “Sacred Artist” who holds a palette filled with endless colors, shapes and possibilities. Join visiting Nia International Faculty member Gail Condrick to dance, play and create the Nia way! Perfect for all movers and shakers and those who wish to be!
“FreeDance expands our awareness of personal potential, opening our eyes and minds to new possibilities and helping us develop a relationship with our bodies, our selves and with the world and nature at large. When we FreeDance we develop a deep understanding that we are all one, connected to something magic and grand, something sacred.” Debbie Rosas, Co-creator Nia Technique

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