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Classic Nia

Classic Nia

Jill Pagano

Classic Nia Class

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10:00am - 11:00am

Day: Saturday

Time: 10:00am - 11:00am


7901 SW 35th Ave, Seattle, WA, US


■One Class Pass- $18
■Five ClassPass - $82.50
■One Month Unlimited Class Card- $119

■Those 70 and older receive a 10% discount

* Seattle Sales Tax will be added to all class prices



Notes About This Class


Classic Nia, a 60 minute non-impact class that blends uplifting music with dance, martial arts and yoga-type floorplay. If you like Jazzercise or Zumba, you’ll love Nia. All the music and easy-to-embrace choreography, minus harsh impact or senseless flailing. With Nia, you’ll learn how to consciously move your body, in a variety of healthy ways, while en-Joy-ing yourself.

If you want to: Improve balance, heart and lung (“cardio”) function, reaction time, and coordination.  Increase your sense of joy and expressiveness.  Feel exhilarated versus exhausted,  improve/balance your mood, find your voice, be part of a community,  and sleep better.

If you like : Zumba, Jazzercise, any kind of dancing, music, old-school aerobics.