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Classic Nia

Classic Nia

Paula Chambers

Classic Nia Class

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5:30pm - 6:00pm
Classic Nia

Day: Tuesday

Time: 5:30pm - 6:00pm


12400 Ventura Boulevard #510, Studio City, CA, USA


$10 or pay what you can. Flexible pricing in recognition of the pandemic.

Details and registration on my website:

Notes About This Class

Nia is a barefoot dance fitness class that works out your whole being: body, mind, emotion and spirit. My teaching is image-centered and imbued with a spirit of joyful inquiry - what does this movement feel like? By reconnecting us with our bodily sensations, Nia helps us heal from trauma - while also giving us a great cardio workout that's blissfully easy on the joints!

This is the "Tuesday Quickie" - a half hour class to get your blood moving again after your work day. Please arrive PRIOR to 5:30 in order to socialize with the group and be there and ready when I start teaching. After I start, I cannot stop to let latecomers in!