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Classic Nia

Classic Nia

Barbara Carriere

Classic Nia Class

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9:00am - 10:00am
Classic Nia

Day: Thursday

Time: 9:00am - 10:00am


2500 Campeau Drive, Kanata, ON K2K 2W3, Canada


City of Ottawa Recreation.
SUMMER SESSION 2019 BEGINS July 4th at 9:00am and runs till Aug. 29th.  

9 classes for $91.75  ($82.75 for 65+)  Drop-in $7:75 65+; $9 others

Nia John G. Mlacak Hall A, Thu. 9:00-10:00 am    Bar Code # 1463496

  Drop-ins welcome!

Once the session has begun, please Register prior to class at the Kanata Seniors Centre desk, or by Phone 613-592-4480 

 Info: 613-882-8358 (phone or text)


Notes About This Class

The Nia Technique is a dance-fitness class that empowers people of all shapes and sizes to step into a joyful relationship with their bodies and movement. Nia combines martial arts, healing arts, and dance arts to create a high-powered, synergistic workout that no isolated exercise technique can match. Part choreographed and part free-form, Nia delivers a solid aerobic workout, with each experience adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Classes are generally done barefoot to soul-stirring music that motivates every part of you to move. Step into your own joyful journey with Nia, and positively shape the way you feel, look, think and live. No experience necessary.