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TED: A Journey Inside the Body of Nia

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TED: A Journey Inside the Body of Nia

By Jill Pagano on July 23, 2011

I remember being a little girl and going to the movies with my mother and sister. The theatre and movie screen was huge and the room very dark. I wish I could remember the name of the movie. The story line was about a crew of researchers that shrunk themselves down and journeyed into the human body. I remember them gliding through the veins, getting swished around by the heart beat and lungs. They fought off the bad white cells of infection and allied with the red blood cells of healing.

This is where my passion for the human body ignited. I was 8 years old.

My presentation for TED, the non-profit organization supporting "Ideas Worth Spreading" would be in this style. I would create a journey into the human body of a person who is in the midst of practicing, dancing, enjoying Nia--in real time.

Beyond displaying the benefits of exercise, I would reveal how the pleasure of the human spirit is directly relayed into the human body. Imagine having a window directly into the inside of our body and witnessing all the magical interactions and responses that are taking place when we are dancing Nia! My focus would be on the psycho-somatic benefits that specifically Nia delivers with the intent of inspiring people to want to give the Nia gift to their body.
How does the human body respond to our invitation to find our movement and dance in our own way and time? What does it look like when our human brain lights up as we connect to the emotion of music? How does our body respond when we run that emotional connection through our physical body for the world to witness as our dance? I would love to see the human heart in its full rhythm of FreeDance, smiling from the inside out---beating as it connects to the Joy of a person dancing freely with full comfort and ownership. I would love to display the remarkable beauty of our feet-- the 7000 nerve endings sending repeated messages through our electrical system and back to our feet again. And of course, witnessing the beautiful spine column and its magical connection to our personal computer system, our brain. Now that is a journey worth taking!

Ultimately, my presentation at TED would create a way for human to see inside our beautifully function body for a first-hand experience of how Nia--the movement, music and magic--create a healthy, loving and emotionally vibrant individual. And when people ask for the 3D version (or 4th Dimension), they can jump into a class!