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My State of Routine

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My State of Routine

By Jill Pagano on June 17, 2011

This blog is for May, except today is June 16, 2010. When the May date came up I didn't report anything because I wasn't far enough on my adapt a routine project to report in on "how form and freedom created the new focus, and how the conditioning benefits from the original body of work changed".

After focusing and finishing the recording for my white boards and taking my green belt and retaking my white belt, I'm not any farther on my adapt-a-routine. I'd say it is on the back burner. The playlist is 70% done, and needs some tweaking. I've barred 3 songs. I 've adapted 5 songs and am beginning to feel the new focus emerge, creeping. 

In this project I have witness my resistance. I have also witnessed that once I step in to working on the project, it flows nicely and I enjoy myself. I have also witnessed my tendency to "over choreograph" and am still learning to understand and embody the parameters around "adapting" versus changing.

Natural time is certainly a valuable tool in allowing the choreography and the routine itself to evolve. I have found that putting in too much time at one time, pulls my tendency to over choreograph versus to allow for the music and movement adaption.

I"m currently focusing on my 52 moves and the upcoming filming (july 16) and then adapt a routine moves to the front burner.