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Dipping my Toe

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Dipping my Toe

By Jill Pagano on January 11, 2011

Reading Valerie Hunt’s book, An Infinite Mind opens up a field of study and information that I have sensed and felt present in my life without exposure to the full picture. Her research and study of human energy fields, the mind-field, and the interactions of those fields with our environments expands my thoughts about my present existence, how I interact and receive information and my divine nature for health and well being.

I feel I’m getting a peak, a glimmer of understanding into the possibility of living more fully in this expanded way. Recognizing and knowing that everything is a field with which I interact.  I liken my learning and new exposure to this idea like dipping my toe in the ocean and realizing there is the availability (when ready) to submerse myself into scuba diving. And dipping my toe feels interesting, and rich. It is where I am. It is my first step into learning more.

I am comforted and thrilled by Valerie’s writings early in the book, as I broach this vast and new field: “Do you realize you cannot see anything without seeing your own body first?....every sound we hear coming from the outside world also contain the sounds of the physical body….every odor we smell, ….is perceived through the odor of our bodies. In other words, our primary reference to the world is our physical body and from these bodily sensations we create a reality in which our body is constantly present”. (page 60)

Ah, the place to start and stay with is my body. Nia so beautifully reinforces this daily, and in our entry to study via the White Belt Intensive.

Hunt takes me through my body, my mind-field, my sixth sense of telepathic knowing, other lifehoods, the miracle of healing, and ends with spiritual enlightenment. There is much here!
With each chapter I read, my mind-field and thoughts became expanded. I would read something and later in time become aware of an  experience relating to my reading . For example when reading the chapter on Telepathic Knowingness, I became awake to my own telepathic possibilities. Synchronicity abounds. Thoughts I had earlier in the day would show up later in the day. One specific telepathic and mind field thought happened around the first of the year. Earlier in the day, I had set my intention on noticing my agreement within my relationships, I spent an hour discussing this with a friend. I wrote in my journal how it was my “new year intention”. Later that evening, (after having not read Hunt's book for several days), I literally opened to my bookmarked page and read “ these stubborn blocks are more than reflexes or habits, they are agreements with ourselves and with others about who we are and what we accept.” Ah, more synchronicity for me to pay close attention to.

Chapter Seven goes on to reinforce what I’ve been exposed to in Nia, “pure emotions like love and joy lead to behaviors which elaborate life”. Choosing love, creates more love (PR #7 Brown belt). And “the deep level of the soul always wants to be free to manifest Godliness” (Pr#11 in White belt).

In chapter 10, Healing the Miracle of life, I’m struck by how often Hunt’s words refer to “movement” and the pearls I use, hear and experience in a Nia class. She talks of physical movement, the movement of cells, the movement of our energy, the act of self-healing. She uses words like activate, dynamic, radiate, flow, regenerate, vibrate.

“Healing is a restoration of harmony in the energy field” Hunt writes. Nia, our dance, the music, the pearls, and the sensing of our world (the body we live in) is that restoration of harmony.