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Can you be with the feeling, and not run?

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Can you be with the feeling, and not run?

By Jill Pagano on November 10, 2010

Is it possible that doing something that scares us is actually good for us in the long run? Ya know that fluttery feeling that seems like it is saying "run" when it is actually saying "go forward". I've become aware of the physical sensation-- fluttery tummy, flood of energy pulsing underneath my skin, my heart beats a bit faster and my breathing becomes more shallow. I physically begin to vibrate, a subtle uncontrollable shake. The emotions are somewhere between thrilling, excited and a sense of "holy smokes, am I really thinking of doing this!" And perhaps that is the not think about it. To sense the desire in the body and spirit and muster up the courage to say-- "Body I trust your response, thank you for sharing your desire".

Yesterday, after subbing a Nia class at a health club, I invited the students to my Naughty & Nice Nia class. Yes, that's the lingerie (or "anything that is not spandex workout-wear" Nia class). They were taken a back and intrigued. Could they dance in "I don't even have anything like that to wear". Yes. I know. That is the beginning of the point. Go, get something. Something that feels good against your skin. Something that wakes up your spirit and gives you that butterfly feeling when you think about being seen in it. AND more importantly, when you think about seeing yourself in it. I know the first reaction may be to run. Can you be with that feeling? Can you stare it in the face, breathe with it in your body, acknowledge it and choose to step forward?

Naughty & Nice is more than the actual Nia class. It is about Stepping In to the idea of not being who you normally are all packaged up in yoga pants and a t-shirt. Show up somewhere that is familiar and yet be in a place with yourself that is unfamiliar. Be present to yourself and allow your body to reveal who you are when the package on the outside is decorated differently.

And I invite you to be curious for this---How will this "dressing and decorating" affect the way my body dances and what I sense under my skin? A new fluidness in my hips? Freedom in my spine? And then, what will that dance reveal to me?

When love is present. Love will grow. There is something, somewhere in that dance that you will love. A sensation, a roll of your hip, a sway of your hair, the lighting on your skin. I promise. Your body will love it. Because the dance is what your body was meant to do whether you're wearing a t-shirt , lingerie or nothing at all. There is nothing on the outside that can change the love your body feels for movement.

Let's just agree to keep that big thing between your ears out of it for the night.

Oh, there goes that flutter in my tummy.

With love,