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Personal & Professional Desires

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Personal & Professional Desires

By Jamie Klausing on October 12, 2010


I desire to align my "Life Purpose" (to uplift and inspire people to awaken their uniqueness) with my "Personal Philosophy" (We are here in physical form to learn and expand our consciousness at the soul level through experiences with others, the world around us and the universe). 

I desire to create a harmonious balance within my personal and professional life. 

Personal Desires:

I desire to embrace my personal power in a loving way and use it for the greater good and higher purpose.  I desire to guide my actions so they inspire and motivate others, creating synergy between my personal life and professional practice.  

I desire...

  • (S) to continue to increase my consciousness through nurturing my awareness levels. To tap into and open new and expansive channels of creativity.
  • (E) to deepen my emotional awareness, acknowledgement, recognition and expression within myself and with others.
  • (B) to continue to develop my relationship with my body, through conditioning, healing, loving and accepting.  To be vibrant, healthy & alive!  To radiate "Sacred Athlete" energy out into the world.
  • (M) to learn and expand my knowledge and articulation of Nia, all 52 Principles, and related subjects.  To flow with the cycle of "learning and teaching" the more I learn, the more I teach, the more the information is reinforced within myself and the more I learn from others.


Professional Desires:

I desire to allow abundance to flow easily into my life, allowing me to offer more and experience more of what life has to offer me.

I desire...

  • to become a great Nia White Belt Trainer. 
  • to facilitate 6-10 White Belt Trainings a year including regional and extended travel.
  • to share my White Belt producer experience with others through coaching and guiding community leaders to reach their Nia professional goals and event production. 
  • to support the growth of the community I teach in as well as the surrounding communities. 
  • to continue to share Nia through teaching 6-10 Nia classes weekly.