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TED ~ Nia is where I.............

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TED ~ Nia is where I.............

By on July 20, 2011

Nia is where I…….

~ meet myself over and over again ~ transform self ~ sweat out what doesn’t serve me ~ trust the truth ~ feel the layers ~ peel the layers ~ heal the layers ~ shed self-consciousness ~ Witness new familiar parts of me emerging ~ create Self ~ invite my inner self out ~ open to potential ~ get down to the bones ~ dance with my bones as the bones of my mother lost long ago ~ dance on Mother Earth ~ surrender to resting into Mother Earth ~ am held by Mother ~ hug Mother ~ get down to Earth ~ release antidepressant pills to be replaced by Earth energy ~ sip up Universal Joy ~ leave open footprints ~ unleash energy ~ pulse passion ~ cultivate creativity ~ manifest mojo ~ prime personal power ~ hold my heart ~ dance my heart out ~ find my authentic self ~ unleash my voice ~ howl with wolves ~ sing my soul ~ harmonize ~ tap my intuition ~ align heavenward ~ spin inward ~ spin outward ~ surprise myself ~ nestle into my cells ~ hear my body’s wisdom ~ touch my body’s stories ~ get real ~ get down ~ get dirty ~ live alive ~ free myself ~ take leaps of faith ~ fluff my feathers ~ fly ~ catch the sky ~ stargaze ~ dream ~ paint the canvas ~ experience bliss ~ wave my magic wands ~ find whimsy ~ move my emotions ~ move my meditation ~ dive into my anatomy ~ follow my breath ~ forgive ~ invite Love in ~ worship ~ honor my body as temple ~ make offerings ~ shapeshift ~ surrender ~ seal the deal ~ shine my light ~ reflect light ~ transform ~ find my way back home again and again and again ~ craft my Philosophy ~ crystallize my Purpose ~ dance White magic ~ and most recently… ~ find the courage to share my story ~ use my voice to ask that this newly birthed story stay sacred and private within the space of NGT community ~ hold my sacred body with reverence ~ mourn the violation of its sacredness ~ trust what my now body tells me about my child body ~ have conditioned my nervous system to journey into grounded healing ~ have trained myself to stay in my body ~ Choose Sensation ~ SIT with [Sustain, Increase, “Tweak”] Sensation ~ feel my body as my greatest most powerful tool ~ shout safe “Nos” that heal the silence ~ elevate Trust to an art form ~ trust my Sensation Scientist's findings ~ remember without memories ~ re-member ~ reclaim my courage ~ reclaim my birthrights ~ reconnect to Pleasure ~ hear what my 5th chakra is saying before my voice finds the strength of sound ~ pass through the portal ~ open to human angelic healing coaxing my body back into trust ~ am rebirthed by the hands and heArt of shamamama ~ am overwhelmed with gratitude for healing and healer (thank you Winalee!!!) ~ step into my own power as shamamama ~ grieve to create space to celebrate ~ pop the cork ~ celebrate ~ cell-ebrate ~ am reborn ~ blossom ~ float in the effervescense of champagne bubbles ~ birth me ~ birth a me that is free ~ become midwife of MY voice ~ dance naked and safe ~ sense touch as safe and sacred ~ learn what Truth is ~ learn what Trust is ~ shine my light to others seeking sacred healing ~ am en-Couraged ~ dream of a day when we as a Tribe transcend the need to heal child body wounds ~ am initiatied into a Tribe that recognizes our sacred purpose as healers ~ sense that Tribe matters ~ find commUNITY ~ redefine commUNITY ~ create commUNITY ~ co-create commUNITY ~ take a stand for commUNITY ~ enter sacred commUNITY of healers ~ hold hope ~

Nia is where I AM Joy!  ~  Nia is where YOU are Joy!  ~  Nia is where we are ALL healers invited into the global dance of Universal Joy.