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Flavored and fueled with Hara & Heart

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Flavored and fueled with Hara & Heart

By on May 11, 2011

My routine Home Mudra was birthed through my connection with the routine Chains, the third Nia routine I learned years ago. I chose Chains as it is the routine that most profoundly changed the way I move, inhabit, and relate to my body. Working with Chains ushered in a quantum leap for me in my level of Awareness. I dove into the routine’s Focus of Hands, Hara, and directional changes and the Intent to move as a whole person and work with Aikido energy. Once embodied, to use my own words to articulate the primary gift I received from this work, Chains taught me to connect to my center and settle into my Core for increased sense of ease in and Awareness of my body. This personalization of what I received from Chains then became the inspiration for Home Mudra, guiding Focus & Intent and playlist.

Focus:  Hara & Heart

Intent:   To come home to Body by connecting to center through Hara & Heart for increased sense of ease in and Awareness of Body

From this seed of Focus & Intent came a Triad:   Mudra △ Movement △ Messaging

Mudra:  Chains taught me the power of touch with its use of hands on Hara helping me find, connect to and engage center as I moved. Home Mudra brings the invitation to connect to center through the hand gesture / mudra of right hand touching Hara, left hand touching Heart, as visited throughout the experience.

Movement:  Home Mudra invites us to initiate our Movements from the command central of Hara and fuel Movements with Heart energy.

Messaging: Tapping into the power of the word, I wanted to craft a musical landscape that through messaging, emotion, and vibration connects us to the routine’s invitation to come Home.

My process, therefore, was to allow my Focus & Intent to become the guiding light in searching for and choosing music. The process of going to my own storehouse of music to choose songs that move me on so many levels in all my Realms upped the ante tremendously in terms of being in intimate relationship with an entire playlist that was already infused with emotional connection for me. The resonance of the music and how I relate to it, therefore, was a perfect dance partner for the Heart energy component of my Focus. What unfolded as I played with my Focus & Intent was that I began dancing the relationship of Hara & Heart, exploring connection and dialogue between them, becoming more fluent in the languages they speak, and learning to Transmit energy through them with more clarity. My Body’s education arose from a deep pool of increasing Awareness of infusing all movements through the radial symmetry and energy storehouse of my Hara and flavoring and fueling them with Heart energy.

From the perspective of conditioning, on an energetic level, I conditioned my ability to sustain Awareness by honing in on my Focus & Intent. Physically, I received significant benefits that I trace back to the new music and Focus. The first is a beautiful sense of increased Flexibility through my upper body initiated by my first song. Since the corresponding movements of my song are significantly slower than the original song (though the 8BC length is slower in the original, I transposed the moves at a slower pace), there is more time to really extend arms up into the corners, and extra cushion time returning to the middle during which I feel an expansive stretch move through the back of my chest. Opening the routine this way invites opening the Hara & Heart through increased Flexibility. The messaging and music of ‘Let Me Come on Home’ invites touching. So from the touching heart and hips of the original, I add touch running all the way down the legs, conditioning my nervous system into heightened sensory awareness of my Base. ‘Beauty in the World’ asks me to rock and pulse my Hara, exciting the energy and conditioning intrinsic muscles. ‘Walk This World’ musically offers much more time (longer Sections) for Knee Sweeps than the original song, and I sense resultant increased strengthening of my abdominal muscles. My click for ‘Truth and Bone’ of dancing clasped hands in Sumo Stance conditions leg Strength, as it requires a stable base for support, as well as Strength of the spinal muscles conditioned through two long windows for Chest Isolations. Another benefit from this song arises from the slower 8BC as compared to the original song, leaving time and inviting me to really emphasize the inner thigh to inner thigh strengthening squeeze, which also helps my Awareness hunker down into center. ‘Wonder’ invites increased sensory Awareness of my Feet as the music asks me to ‘put my foot down’ with determination. ‘Ecstatic’ asks for a FreeDance of Hara followed by a FreeDance of Heart, both conditioning my ability to infuse my entire body with their energies. ‘In Your Eyes’ musically cued me to add Chest Isolations, conditioning my chest through articulations. ‘Finally Home’ brings us full circle, with a nice slow pace which invites that same beautiful sense of increased Flexibility through my upper body.

From a bird’s eye view, putting Chains to new music was a rich exercise in The Power of 2, The Power of 3, and trusting my Sensation Scientist. I learned again and again to surrender away from my initial overly mental approach of comparing and contrasting numbers of 8 BCs as I began to realize that the embryonic playlist was communicating with me through specific songs. “Allow yourself to  s l o w   d o w n  into the slower pace of this song. Let the delicious slowness coax your heart up and your back open.” “Touch me.” “Rock your hara with me! Let me shake up your energy center!” I sensed my budding playlist as a living, breathing organism, and came into relationship with it. I surrendered into trusting my Sensation Scientist when she said: “Yes! This is the one.” I Received the intuitive hits that came through my obsessions with two songs (Solsbury Hill and Shining Light) during the process, allowing the persistence of those ear worms to Transmit that, in once case, despite the fact that I had already found a song that fit the assignment very well mechanically, my choice was more mental and not what the spirit of the routine was wanting. In another case, the ear worm whispered that I was wanting to force a song that simply didn’t fit. By entering into relationship with my breathing playlist, I learned to open more fully to the creative process.