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By on March 14, 2011

For some months now, I had been vexed by the constipated plastic Play-Doh horned RedOrangeasaurus dinosaur taunting me from the corner of our family room.  His every orifice (of which he has many) was crammed with rock-solid congealed Play-Doh pellets wedged in in such a way as to make surgical extraction impossible.  Several times over the months I have taken my scalpel (via the handle end of a kitchen fork) to him with no success, but much frustration.  I was very attached to getting this toy of my son's back in working order as we use it as a therapeutic tool for assisting with fine motor skills for his cute little hands as well as for focused play to help regulate his nervous system.  The few times I attempted to jackhammer the obstructions out resulted in my hurting my hands and high frustration.  The irony pissed me off. ;)  While reading Hartley's Wisdom of the Body Moving, I had an irresistible urge to tackle this project again, this time with a little more wisdom.  I put RedOrangeasaurus into a bath of hot water.  Immediately, the largest plug from his esophagus just slid right on out.  I picked up my fork scalpel and started jamming it into the other crevices.  Force.  Frustration.  Almost cracked his plastic spine.  I exhaled... put the fork down... and returned to my reading about flowing into body with mindfulness and the energetic medicine of consciousness while the Play-Doh simply and completely dissolved.  When it was ready to dissolve.   

My own dried Play-Doh....  "My teeth have always been weak."  Well, of course they had!  As Gil Hedley shared, "we live by our vocabulary."  Look at what I was affirming by repeating this affirmation for years!  Invitation to shift.  I began to visualize and know my teeth as alive, as pulsing, as flowing with nutrients of strength and healing.  To my delight, I discovered that consciously pulsing energy into my teeth made my gums tingle.  Energetic medicine.  My Anatomy Triad:



                                                                 Notions             Emotions

                                 By changing my Notions about my body, anatomy, and physiology...                                                              I mobilize my Emotions to join in the healing dance by conducting energy...                                                    and my Motions of body movement move and change my tissues.

Perceptually and visually, I entered into intimate relationship with my connective tissue system for the first time by reading Rolfing by Ida Rolf as pre-training for a Belt.  This work was a pivotal turning point / aha! moment in my relationship with my body.  I vividly recall 3 visual images from this reading:  1. the knitted sweater snagged by a knitting hook, 2. the tent poles demonstrating tensile support, and 3. the body as stacked building blocks demonstrating the balance of structural bodily components.  To this initial list of three images for connective tissue I also add "peach fuzz" after having heard Gil Hedley's 'The Peach Fuzz Speech' online in more recent years.  These notions (the first revisited by Mel Robin, the second touched on by Linda Hartley) opened the door for me to shapeshift my body through relationship.  Before meeting these four Notions, I had a narrowly limited view of one's capacity to change one's body.  My scope was limited merely to changing the amount of fat layered on top of a pre-determined skeletal composition that rigidly defined what one's body could be.  This Notion was dense, impermeable.  Meeting my connective tissue was an invitation into consciously crafting my body structure, into playing with alignment of bones.  This Notion is fluid, responsive, co-creative.  This knowledge breathed life into Principle #10's Loosen ~ Tighten for me, enlivening my 200/700.  The interplay of skeletal structure and fascial support became an exciting point of empowerment.  The Notion of the body and its connective tissue as "a complicated and dynamic set of levers and spacers through which the entire musculature can act in order to constantly counterbalance the forces of gravity and of contraction, producing both stable erect posture and freedom of motion" exhilarates  me!  (Deane Juhan as quoted by Hartley, p. 138)  Add in consciously playing with gravity, and I'm happily swirling with excitement and wonder!  I took my levers and spacers to a Rolfer, who dug into both my tissues and my fascination.  He was excited to work on a body desiring heightened levels of efficiency and increased sensory IQ, as he typically worked with bodies seeking relief from pain after injury.  Delightedly, we played with my levers and spacers, exploring cause and effect.  Halfway through one session, after he had worked on only the right side of my core, I needed to visit the restroom down the hallway.  He chuckled as I left his table, and as I walked the hall, I understood why.  To my amazement, as I walked, I sensed my spine twist from the bottom up counterclockwise.  By the time I reached his room again, my chest was rotated about 30 degrees around the axis of my spine.  I could have intentionally held myself in habitual posture, but I was fascinated by where my connective tissue was taking me!  I was in awe of the mind of my connective tissue. 

Just as structurally "the sacrum acts as the keystone of the pelvic arch" (Hartley, p. 138), conceptually the connective tissue became the keystone of my body empowerment.  Through the power of visual symbolism, I sense in my body the images of the sweater, the tent, body building blocks and peach fuzz.  This is my doorway in.  Once inside, I dive into the layers and details.  Hartley introduces a whole new world within this world to me.  Connective tissues "not generally considered to be a fluid" (p. 287) begin to flow.  Hartley's inclusion of Fritz Smith's portrayal of connective tissues as hollow make them come alive in my mind's eye as portals for cerebrospinal fluid, the magic elixir that taps into the "timeless flow" of "meditative stillness" (p. 281).  My own bones become connective tissue across generations, linking me to ancestors of humanity (p. 151).  I become fascinated by a term that bubbles up for me as I read:  milking the viscoelasticity.  As I read, as I deepen my knowledge of my body, my body both literally and figuratively becomes "moist and juicy" like the muscles and joints Iyengar refers to with yogasanas practice (Robin, p. 485).

How does this information impact my movement and the way I perceive and relate to my anatomy?  Notions ▵ Emotions ▵ Motions.  Consciousness inhabits my body.  The power of Setting Focus & Intent infuses my Body~Mind~Emotions~Spirit as I empower myself to "initiate change" (Hartley, p. 289).  "Allowing mind to flow through the... tissue gives it life and enables movement and change to happen there."  (Hartley, p. 291, written specifically in reference to adipose tissue, though applicable generally.)  By "consciously reselecting" (in the words of Gil Hedley) my Notions of mind and allowing them to flow, I shapeshift and harness the energies of my Emotions, engaging movement of my body Motions and Motion in the tissues themselves as they heal and reclaim radiant health.  I allow Notions of mind to flow into the tissues with wisdom and consciousness through knowing my body and choosing my approach... Emotions become the bath of hot water coaxing my body... Motions of body movements create the template for Motions of energy as tissues heal.  The congealed Play-Doh pellets of stuck energy dissolve under the flow of hot water held by consciousness.  I become an ally, a partner in my body's quest for health and wellness.  I become my own physician, body worker, healer.  My body becomes a work of art, I the admirer.  "Even in the deepest stillness there is a level of minute muscular activity, so that posture is never static but rather an act of subtly dynamic balance."  (Hartley, pp. 157 - 158)  Through my growing knowledge of my body's structure, processes and design, I come into awareness of my body's choreographic genius.  This brings me to amazement of and gratitude for my body.  I am further initiated into 'I Love My Body ~ I Love My Life' and inspired to move deeper and explore my Notions ▵ Emotions ▵ Motions.