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Agent Butterfly reporting in for jiggle time!

Next Generation of Trainers

Agent Butterfly reporting in for jiggle time!

By on January 5, 2011

How does Hunt's book impact your life and your understanding of Nia?

Infinite Mind jazzes me, tingles me, it shivers my skin, it sparkles and electrifies and excites me.  It opens me.  For the last few months, I've been dancing with the words 'open' and 'flow.'  They butterflied around me, whispering that they were here to land as a message somewhere within my Creating a Sacred Livelihood triad.  I sensed they wanted to intermingle with my Purpose and Philosophy.  My Purpose:  I am here to raise the vibration.  My Philosophy:  I believe that the world wants us to blossom Love.  And I 'open 2 flow 2 grow.'  Aha!  These words landed as a 'how to' statement, my Path statement.  Path, Purpose, Philosophy.  Reading Hunt has continued the process spurred on by Stepping Into NGT of my opening, my Blossoming.  When I first met Nia, one of the most exciting things for me was the invitation into unlimited potential and boundless frontiers for discovery, growth, and transformation.  Swimming into infinity.  The invitation to immerse myself deeply in a practice which had no boundaries that I could see was and is thrilling.  I have always recognized Nia's infiniteness.  Exploring Hunt's (and Wheatley's) work has helped me see that, in some basic and vital ways, I have been a closed system existing within Nia's open system.  Through self-limiting beliefs, I grayed around the edges.  Time 2 open 2 flow 2 grow.  This is where Nia's infinite invitation interfaces with my infinite potential.

Confidence and trust are keys in moving forward.  'Inifinite Mind' validates, validates, VALIDATES my world!  As I progress along the journey of shimmy shaking off the cultural shackles of needing external validation, needing proof, I do appreciate feeling my confidence rise upon meeting that validation / proof.  Hunt not only validates for me my world; she celebrates it, whooshing away the childhood admonitions of "overly sensitive," "too emotional."  Scientifically, Hunt affirms my way of being in the world.  Together, we shapeshift what I once was told and believed was a "weakness" into the strength I know it to be.  I am empathic.  I speak the language of emotion.  I feel the language of emotion.  I craft and create through the language of emotion.  Fear-based messages that my high level of emotionality was a weakness had been drilled into me by those who didn't speak this language.  What I thereby once learned to perceive as a personal issue or fault was simply a force field that was reverberating against disharmonious fields.  Right here, right now, totally, fully, respectfully and lovingly embracing my emotional empathic nature is a Choice for Personal Power.

It was my empath who got scared as a child and began closing down my system to protect self.  Growing up, I didn't have the tools to navigate deep, powerful emotionality in a world that seemed to me to stifle and vilify emotion.  I was vulnerable to others' energies.  Unable to understand this or process the energies I sponged up, I oftentimes went into shutdown mode as a protective measure and a road to recovery from what I didn't yet know how to handle.  I see how remnants of my learning to hide to protect myself have grayed the edges.  Hunt coaxes me to move the edges:  "... chaos describes the apparent disorganization of open systems as though they were attempting to jiggle themselves into higher order."  (paraphrasing Gleick)  It's jiggle time!  Nia teaches me how to jiggle.  I shimmy shake off the gray.  Fear bubbles up.  As an empath, how will I stay organized with the influx of others' disharmonious energies?  My Sensation Scientist answers the call.

Two months ago I Stepped Into my Sensation Scientist, who prompted me to add to my resume in my mind that I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Pleasure.  Valerie Hunt upped the ante.  Now I Am a Mind Field Maestra!  ;)  My lab has expanded from the confines of my skin to the non-confines of infiniteness.  Just as my Sensation Scientist steers me away from painful stimuli and toxins which affect my physicality while steering me to the sensation of Peace, my Mind Field Maestra evaluates information in the spaces in between human bodies.  Together, my Scientist and my Maestra validate my empath.  They experiment with the power of trusting information I receive from other emotional bodies.  They experiment with my question:  How will I stay organized with the influx of others' disharmonious energies?  The answer:  I give myself permission to trust what I feel and know to be true in my energetic responses, and to act accordingly.  I realize that this is not about shedding my protective boundaries (the thought of which is exactly what brought up the Fear); it is about trusting them.  It is about saying 'Enough!' to disharmonious reverberations, faces, and spaces.  It is about Choosing from Love to swim in waters that support me, with swimmers of recognizable resonance stroking in alignment.  This validates my 'A Declaration of Interdependence' (published in blogs under Personal Thoughts, copied below).  This seals the deal of shapeshifting from community to commUnity.  I send the 'chemical soup' back to the kitchen.  It's not what I want.  I choose to swim in energetic soup with its rich spices, velvety texture, and mysteriously exotic ingredients.  I gain confidence and spice reading 'Infinite Mind.'  That confidence celebrates how I feel as I move through the world.  Trusting my sensations changes me.  It changes how I move through the world.  Choices feel different.  "Living is a tansaction, an interaction with other force fields, with an element of choice." (Hunt)  I craft my choices with loving consciousness.  "Shoulds" lose their credibility.  I trust there are rich fields in the spaces in between.  The way I move through the spaces in between looks different to others.  I shed my skin and shapeshift to disconnect from some jagged, prickly fields and enter and blend into others that are smooth and silky delicious.  I seek optimal conditions.  In optimal conditions, I am able to assimilate more of the energetic nutrients that help me in the process of optimizing self.  Just as "for all systems to be 'go,' a rich electromagnetic field must be present," (Hunt), I recognize that for my systems to be 'go,' a nurturing emotional energy field must be present.  Important information to have!!!  And vital information to trust.  And HERE, in this space, my system opens, and the gray edges are replaced by illumination shining outward.  I Step Into my starfish Focus of radial symmetry that begged to come to classes for several weeks.  I swim my starfish Dancing Through Life.  

I feel myself as part of an NGT Tribe of optimizers.  {The goose bumps that covered my entire body as I write this confirms this to be true.}  Hunt's words bring me to a birds' eye view in my understanding of Nia's role in the world.  I am looking globally at Nia's field of influence through her First Generation Trainers, her Next Generation Trainers, her Teachers.  "When a certain number of individuals of a particular species learn something, it seems to positively affect the learning of all other individuals of that species."  (Hunt)  When we learn to live in Pleasure and self-heal for self-actualization, we raise the vibration.  For ourselves and for others.  "Fundamental change is not evolutionary but is revolutionary; it occurs in conceptual leaps."  We're leaping.  "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." (Jahn and Dunne quoting Charles' Third Law as quoted in Hunt)  Through the Science / Technology of Nia, we spread magic.  We are "active agents" (Hunt) in shifting vibrational level.  We are Nia's Butterfly agents.  We herald the butterfly affect of one butterfly's wings in Japan affecting world weather patterns.  But there are many of us, and we cover the globe.  I envision practitioners across the globe sharing the energetic elixir and movement medicine of Butterfly, spinning chaos patterns into coherence.  We are global house guests.  As a child, my stepmother instilled in me the practice of being a good house guest:  Good house guests leave the space they stay in as clean as it was when they arrived plus a little extra sparkling clean plus they leave perfect hostess gift.  We raise the vibration with our Butterfly wings.  Like symphony conductors, we direct / conduct the instruments of human bodies to join the dance and sing the Butterfly's vibratory song.



Now I Am Creating Heart Community.

I allow my heart to teach me what commUnity truly means. I learn it means surrounding myself with people I love, who love me, who I want the best for, who want the best for me. Uncon-f'in-ditionally! My commUnity holds those who want to grow TOGETHER, who want to raise the vibration on what it means to come together in community. Conscious community.

I move with a smile and an open heart towards the faces and spaces that support and feed me. I Hold the Space for any and all who share and practice this vision to Dance Through Life together in commUnity. Let's soar the skies with our Energy Allies!

I redefine. I shapeshift. I create.

Through Movement We Find Health. I move into and with true Heart commUnity, leading community energetically by living authentically.