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Home Mudra's musical landscape

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Home Mudra's musical landscape

By on December 25, 2010

Submit your music play list on your blog.  Include the original song titles from the routine you are adapting, their length and the 8BC next to the songs that you are substituting.


Home Mudra                                                                                   ~   Chains

#. Song                                 Artist                          Length  8BC  ~   Song   Length   8BC

1. The Edge Of The World   Sonia Dada                4:31      8.4    ~   Wasn’t It Good   5:12   14.7

2. Let Me Come On Home   Otis Redding              2:55     10.0   ~   Chains   4:21   9.7

3. Beauty in the World          Macy Gray                 3:52      8.9    ~   Heaven Help My Heart   5:27   9.0 

4. Walk This World               Heather Nova             3:49     10.3   ~   Message   5:21   12.1

5. Truth And Bone                Heather Nova            4:55      6.9     ~   Sorrento Moon   4:53   5.8

6. Heart and Soul                 T’Pau                          4:14       9.9    ~   Love Is The Answer   3:56   9.6

7. Express Yourself              Madonna                   4:41       7.8    ~   Be A Man   3:50   9.1

8. Wonder                            Natalie Merchant        4:27       7.8    ~   That’sTheWayAWomanFeels 4:19 8.5

9. Ecstatic                            Vonda Shepard          3:54       8.2    ~   Standing Up   3:35   9.3

10. Solsbury Hill*                 Peter Gabriel             4:41        * 

11. In Your Eyes                  Peter Gabriel              5:30      10.0    ~   Show Me Heaven   4:19   11.5

12. Bones*                          Flight of the Hawk      6:39        * 

13. Finally Home                Vonda Shepard           2:13         - 

total length = 55.2 minutes


Track Correspondences:

* Italicized tracks #10 and #12 of Home Mudra are additional tracks, fleshing out the playlist timewise and creating space for guided Freedance (track 10) and Floorplay (track 12).

Track #13 of Home Mudra corresponds to Debbie's returning to Wasn't It Good and closing by revisiting the opening movements to the first song.  Home Mudra likewise comes full circle by revisiting the opening movements, but to a different piece of music.

Artistic Note:

Holding hands with Trust on my left and my Sensation Scientist on my right, we're taking a running creative leap of faith!  Aligning with my Focus of Heart & Hara and BMES holism and Intent of Coming Home, I am allowing my BMES to direct me in terms of what fits.  Trusting my Sensation Scientist, what I sense in my body as a 'click' both with the choreography and the Focus and Intent is what landed in the playlist.  From the lens of 8BC variance window, I am creatively playing with the standard -.3/+.3 8BC adaptation, sensing how this changes the texture of the movements, and weaving the thread of Coming Home throughout.  While the numbers appear to be a radical leap....... Sensation says:  "YES!  This is it."