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Embodying Consciousness to Rock the World!

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Embodying Consciousness to Rock the World!

By on October 12, 2010

Blog about how Nia has and continues to craft the consciousness of human beings. Reflect on how your consciousness has transformed and continues to evolve.

"Consciousness is variously defined as subjective experience, awareness, the ability to experience 'feeling', wakefulness, or the executive control system of the mind. It is an umbrella term that may refer to a variety of mental phenomena."  - Wikipedia


     Nia has and continues to craft human consciousness by inviting its embodiment.  As a somatic experience, Nia expands the concept of consciousness - often confined to and defined by the head - by fleshing it out, grounding it in the body, and empowering it by engaging more of the human being (BMES) behind and underneath its activation.  By somaticizing consciousness, Nia works her healing magic on the endemic dissociation from the body, the severing / separation of mind and body... what I see as a cultural decapitation.  Connecting with rather than vilifying our bodies invites us to shed the societal skin of Puritanical roots of disempowerment, replacing them with roots of our being that reach down into the fertile soil inviting growth of potential.

     With every dance, Nia invites me to engage with Potential as my dance partner.  Potential and consciousness are threads that are woven around and into one another.  Before I met Nia, my highest vision and hope for myself was to manage depression and anxiety by finding the medication that would allow me to be merely functional.  I simply wanted to not be swallowed by the dis-ease that defined my sense of self through my childhood and my 20's.  My dream of success then was defined by the negative, by limitation, by disease.  It was the best I knew to hope for, and at the time seemingly out of my grasp.  Nia is the tool that awakened me to Self-Healing through Awareness, that emboldened me to use Movement as energetic medicine and to use my body as a tool to work magic through my energetic system.  Nia and I moved through and beyond my reliance on medication.  By grounding my consciousness in my body, I had a tool of a body to work with to shift my reality.  My vision of potential blossomed as Nia invited me to become aware of my Desires, Purpose, and Philosophy.  Here and now I am moving towards my greatest professional aspiration, surrounded and supported by a commUnity of Practitioners dancing with Potential.  I am aware of my Purpose on earth to raise the vibration by inviting myself and others to dance up the spiral.  I consciously craft towards my potential, and am painting the picture of how I am going to bring my gifts to Nia and reach into families as a healer.  Now I Am a Sacred Athlete.  Now I Am raising my vibration.

     By raising my vibration and consciously crafting my 'waves of excitation' (to use Alexander Lowen's term), I have the ability to influence the consciousness of those around me.  Every time I Step In as a Nia Teacher to lead an experience, I have the ability to influence the consciousness of those around me.  I have the ability to create a ripple that reaches, to strike a chord that resonates.  "The process of making connections with the outside world is an energetic process.  To picture the way it occurs between two people, consider two tuning forks tuned to the same frequency.  When they are close to one another, striking one tuning fork sets the other into motion....  The image of two hearts that beat as one may not be pure metaphor....  Our hearts and bodies are pulsatory systems that promulgate waves - waves that can affect other bodies and hearts."  (Alexander Lowen, 'The Spirituality of the Body')  Envisioning the whole of Nia Teachers with the energetic charge of consciously crafting our own and others' somatic experience and vibratory waves, I see a beautiful pulsing hug with Nia's arms outstretched, reaching around the earth with consciousness in her heart and vision.

     Nia is committed to that reach.  These words from the White Belt Manual reverberate through my dreams since I first encountered them eight years ago:  "We are committed to the planetary healing of all people, one body at a time."  As Nia practitioners, we are committed to our own self-healing.  As Nia teachers, we are committed to the healing of our students.  Our students' healing raises the vibrations of their tuning forks, in turn setting others into motion.  Envisioning the reach of this expanding hug is awesome.  As I formulate the intent of my Professional Desire to create a program of 'Parents as Healers,' and look through Alexander Lowen's lens of parental influence quite literally shaping children's BMES, I sense my heart reaching through Nia's arms outstretched, reaching around the earth with consciousness in her heart and vision.  Looking through that lens, I see our 'commitment to the planetary healing of all people, one family system at a time.'  Shifting parental influences shifts generations to come.  The roots dig deeper down so we can grow taller.

     Held in her arms, resonating in harmony, connected to my own consciousness, I sip energetic medicine up into and through my chakra system.  Grounding into my roots and extending into my crown of connectivity, I flow and dance up the spiral, spiraling with and through others into connection.  Into commUnity.  Into blended consciousness.  We dance the dance described by Lowen:  "... waves of excitation from the core pass out into the world when the ego is surrendered.  At this point, the self is no longer separate.  Such an experience.... results in a calm and peaceful state.  [When] the inner excitation becomes so strong that the waves it promulgates - as in orgasm or any type of joyous excitation - overwhelm the ego, [they] radiat[e] out past the self-boundary.  A feeling of unity with the cosmos is experienced, but the feeling is not one of peace but of ecstasy."  Here's to Nia continuing to outstretch her arms as messengers of the heart in a huge hug of peace that wraps itself around the globe, Holding the Space for planetary healing, beckoning bodies up into the spiral dance, striking our tuning forks into harmonic convergence, exciting the waves, and ushering in an orgasm of ecstasy that rocks the world!