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A Declaration of Interdependence

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A Declaration of Interdependence

By on October 2, 2010

Painting the Petal of My Desire.............

My Desire has blossomed.  When I first wrote of the 5-petaled flower of my professional desire, the last petal was still curled into itself, holding something I could not yet see.  Now opened to the sun, I am surprised by the richness of color, the deep rosy orange as reflected by the sun's light cast into a sunset.  Written on this petal was the invitation to get real... be authentic... go organic... redefine... shapeshift... create.

♥  Now I Am Creating Heart Community.  ♥

I allow my heart to teach me what commUnity truly means.  I learn it means surrounding myself with people I love, who love me, who I want the best for, who want the best for me.  Uncon-f'in-ditionally!  My commUnity holds those who want to grow TOGETHER, who want to raise the vibration on what it means to come together in community.  Conscious community.

I move with a smile and an open heart towards the faces and spaces that support and feed me.  I Hold the Space for any and all who share and practice this vision to Dance Through Life together in commUnity.  Let's soar the skies with our Energy Allies!

I redefine.  I shapeshift.  I create.

Through Movement We Find Health.  I move into and with true Heart commUnity, leading community energetically by living authentically.