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Personal & Professional ❀ Desire ~ Imagination ~ Expectation

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Personal & Professional ❀ Desire ~ Imagination ~ Expectation

By on September 30, 2010

Sitting in the sun with my Creating a Sacred Livelihood Scroll... warmed... touched by the breeze... drenched by the scents of the earth and grass.............



I continue to dig my roots into the fertile, rich soil of this movement and lifestyle practice, soaking up the nutrients that feed and strengthen my BMES, moving and living into my Potential.

Now I Am Sacred Athlete.  I bring consciousness to every act.

I stalk my Choices for Personal Power.  I choose to say no to fear and Yes to Potential!

I choose Love with each step.  In Love, I grow and blossom into my unique greatness.

My blossoming raises the vibration.


Professional Petals.....

The bud of  D ~ I ~ E  opens into a 5-petaled flower.....

❀  Teacher  ~  I continue along the path walking towards limitless potential as a Nia Instructor

❃  Community Member  ~  I energetically hold and am held by NGT community

❁  Trainer  ~  My newest, innermost petal unfurls as I grow into a White Belt Trainer

✾  Mother as Healer  ~  I bring my professional expertise to my most beloved student as I lay the foundation for 'Parents as Healers' in my own home, in my own ❤

✿  Mystery Seeker  ~  My outermost petal opens into the Unknown as my Yesses guide me to gardens not yet dreamed of!


I love my body.  I love my life.