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Archetypal Principles

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Archetypal Principles

By on September 14, 2010

The Great Mother births #1 The Joy of Movement  ~  My body comes from The Great Mother, is held in Her arms, nourished by Her.  I am in my infancy.  All I need to bring to the relationship is to Choose to connect.  S.I.T.ting (Sustain, Increase, Tweak) in Joy seeps into me as the sensation of feeling held, supported.  This is the Universal language from which all else springs forth.  Here, I am connected to The Monad, rooted in 'menein,' "to be stable," held in the primordial essence of Oneness.  I am nurtured.

The Shapeshifter dances the edges of #2 Natural Time and the Movement Forms  ~  Wanderlust dances me to the edges to help me find my sweet center.  Shapeshifting into, around, through my many expressions, diverse aspects, various energetic patterns and rhythms, I enter into The Triad's 'The Many' as reflections of 'The One.'  I dance my edges to recall my wholeness.  My dance of The Shapeshifter is held and cradled in The Great Mother's arms of Natural Time, dipping into my infancy of The Monad's mothering.

The Lover merges with #3 Music and The 8BC System  ~  I meet The Dyad's Other as my Movement makes love to the Music.  My expression, my response, my melding with the Music is my dancing on the map of the bars, the bars painting the "line [of] a picture of energy, tension, force, action, impulse, urge, direction, movement."  (Michael S. Schneider)  The Music penetrates my body, becoming part of the impulse that moves my bones, that moves my emotions.  My body, my expressions, form around the physical presence of the Music.  Our dance of yin~yang and ebb and flow is reflected in the weaving together of Rhythm and Melody.  The Silence, the Sound, the Elements of the 8BC System... all are lover's cues that I follow into the bliss.  Our lovemaking births Magic.

The Goddess births #4 FreeDance  ~  From the Primordial Soup of sensation, The Goddess FreeDance in her birthing aspect creates choreography.  Sensation seeks all.  Anything goes.  Seduced by the Music, I am pregnant with possibility and expression.  Feelings and Emotions move through the birth portal.  I express the ultimate Creative Source.  I push, I rest, I change, I shift.  I move.  I feel.  I surrender, Witness to the process of birth.  Not director.  When all comes together and the time is ripe... Manifestion.  I have birthed choreographic expression into the third dimension of The Tetrad.

The Seeker pursues #5 Awareness  ~  Stargazing, I sense in my body the template of harmony.  The Pentad calls me, enticing my fingers, my toes, my crown to reach into the radial symmetry of forever.  My 5 fingers of each hand, my 5 toes of each foot, my 5 emanations reaching from Core tell me there is always a next level to strive towards.  I seek mastery of self, diving deeper in to fly higher above.  I Spiral dance to know self.  At my core, in that 'Calm Eye' of I is the the desire to regenerate.  I practice fluency in the language of Pleasure, pursuing the mystery teachings of self-healing.  My body is my Art.  I dance it.

The Great Father Holds the Space of #6 The Base of the Body  ~  My strong, linear legs are the expression of the masculine, holding the space, marking my place on the Earth, expressing the structure, function, and order of The Hexad.  The Great Father is The Provider, my grounded foundation.  Through the triangular expression formed by my leg bones and the earth between my feet and through the energetic tripod of legs and tail, he gives my Core a home to rest into.  He built the foundation of my home.  He constructed the walls of the house that holds my room, the safe space that holds me as I write in my diary of BMES movement.

The Visionary sees #7 Three Planes of Movement and Intensity Levels  ~  The expansive sight of The Visionary beckons me into The Pentad.  I seek mastery of Potential.  Limitless potential.  The Visionary excites me, inspires me, makes me want more.  Now.  This is personal work.  In striving to find my Potential, I delve into what defines me.  The Visionary teaches me Adaptability, teaches me the path of pleasure into Dynamic Ease.  The Visionary sees that he is there to teach me so much more than the physical.  The Energy Allies are his Teachers' Aides, confidantes, and co-conspirators in coaxing me along the path of growth.

The Alchemist magicalizes #8 The Core of the Body  ~  The Alchemist magically squeezes juice from the golden fruit.  I drink and it shifts the emotional energy held in every cell of my being.  The healing medicine quenches me.  The Alchemist shares his secret potions with me and I learn to brew them myself, quenching my chakras with empowerment and self-realization.  I am being mentored by The Alchemist, learning to teach others how to brew energetic medicine of The Triad's healing capacity.

The Tribal Elder reaches through #9 The Upper Extremities of the Body  ~  The Tribal Elder is the Keeper of the Fire held in the sacred space of the heart.   Engaging arms, hands, fingers, The Tribal Elder is the messenger of the heart, the one chosen to express what the tribe holds dear; her stories, her rituals, her blood, her being.  Having journeyed through the transformations of younger years' personal life passages, The Decad expands through reaching out into pulsing synergistic harmony and unity. 

The Artist creates through #10 X-Ray Anatomy  ~  My body is her canvas... her lump of clay... her concert hall... her dance floor.  My Bones are her brush strokes; Ligaments and Muscles her pigments.  I am malleable in her archetypal hands.  She forms me with the artist's vision of The Body's Way, through her skill set and tools which Loosen and Tighten my form in approaching her Ideal of Beauty.  She molds me, striving towards a divine expression of The Ennead's ultimate balance, order, and perfection.

The Warrior in #11 Creating a Sacred Livelihood  ~  The Warrior's training sparks singular focus, determination, fire in the eyes.  The Warrior knows who He is.  He knows what he wants.  He knows how to get there.  He Walks with a shield of Peace, emblazoned with The Heptad's symbolic '7.'  He is a peaceful Warrior, championing his cause and vision through healing gesture.  He is trained to step onto the mat and Step In to his highest expression, Walking the path of transforming every act into a sacred offering.  He is a conscious Sacred Athlete of the highest order, answering the highest calling.

The Master of #12 Continuing Education  ~  The Master strives for the Ideal of Desired Perfection, discovering self along the path to mastery.  She hones her craft by "doing her Bars," transforming the tools into the art, transforming student into teacher, seeker into Master.  Cycling through the polar expression of The Octad's figure-8, she weaves the unknown into the known with threads of "tight but loose," "same but different" in her quest towards infinite growth potential.

The Shaman heals through #13 Teaching What You Sense  ~  Coming full circle, I wind back into the mouth of the serpent, re-entering The Monad.  Stepping through the symbolic numbers, tasting the archetypes, I emerge back through the vesica piscis into Wholeness where 'I' and 'you' become 'we.'  I become Shaman, inviting myself into self, the ocean into which I Split to dive for pearls.  I am student, invited by Shaman into self, where I learn fluency in the language of Sensation.  By invoking Awareness into body parts once dis-connected, dis-membered from psyches, The Shaman heals BMES.  Dancing the shared map of the human body, The Shaman re-claims community through the healing rituals of self communing with self, and selves communing with whole.  Journeying with and as The Shaman, I weave together familiar found parts of me.  I re-member.  I re-connect.  I sense The Joy of Movement resonating as my birthright.  I find my way home into my arms of The Great Mother.