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A love declaration

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A love declaration

By Letizia Accinelli on September 22, 2011

After a long time thinking about what I would say in such a great opportunity like the TED, I have decided to go the simple way and tell my personal experience with Nia . I have decided to tell you how the igniting moment of attraction to Nia repeats itself every single day of my life!
Nia struck me as a lightening12 years ago and it does it over and over again

Yesterday I had one of my “normal” busy days.
I got up at 5, did my practice: 10 minutes Nia 5 Stages, and 1 hour Nia routine from a dvd. In this way I got ready for the day and I was in a great mood.
Then I woke my kids, I prepared breakfast and at 7.30 we all left for one of our occupation: school. My kids go there as students and I go as a teacher.

On my way to school I listened to Nia music and did some music practice while driving my bike.
I spent the morning teaching: 5 hours with teenagers from 13 to 20 , some of them with  learning difficulties other  physically or mentally disabled other simply lazy teenagers  .

I usually  have 30 kids in a class. If I want to teach anything, I have to manage the class: I have to be completely focused and I need to be strict but also bring in humor and patience. I need to practice Nia, love and self love. I need to listen to my students  the same way I do with my music.Carefully. Lovingly. 

I finally got home, cooked for my teenagers kids, solved some of their school problems and organized organization their sport activities- picking up, delivering  times, I went  to the supermarket,  and  I planned and cooked evening meal for when we would get back .

I called my dying father and  spoke to my mother who was worried and sad.Then I spoke to  3 of my six brothers to check the family situation and  to arrange the shifts at my father’s hospital; answered  circa 10 mails ; arranged a couple of meeting for my Nia work and prepared my the playlist  for my Nia class.

Then  one of my Nia students called me to tell me that the Zumba classes next door had 50 people in one night, a big number compared to the 20 students I usually have on Mondays. It was the first blow under the belt. Then I checked the minus on my bank account . No sign of a plus ...A second blow.  Then I had a call from a lady asking me for information about my classes and spoke to her for a long time, before she decided that she cannot come because she cannot leave the kids alone.. Blow again.

Meanwhile I got a mail from a bank saying that the rate for the credit  I asked was 7.9.  Again!
I decided to sit down on the floor, breath and I had a little moment of despair.

At that moment  my son came back from his training and
he brought me an envelope that was  in the post: the new Nia DVDs.   If we decide to become livelihood members in Nia we receive four dvd everyyear and  it is always a treat for me when the new ones arrive!

I opened the envelope and started watching the dvd and dancing , leaving all other things behind.

I danced for an hour and at the end of the class I felt as I always do after the Nia classes : at peace with myself, with the world, I felt strong and relaxed in my body, I felt alive. My next thought was gratefulness to the Debbie and Carlos , the Nia founders, to the great work they produced and the work Debbie keeps producing. After the class I took from the dvd I could not  stop smiling and saying out loud to everybody around me: how great, she is a genius, she really is a master. I feel so blessed to have access to this practice.
I got to my Nia class and I could finally share the dance with my loving community.
I do not need to tell you how the rest of the evening was once I got back home to my kids. I was happy and at peace.
So this is a LOVE declaration to a practice that changes my life every day, something I can practice while I am at the hospital with my dying father, a practice I can weave into every moment of my life, into the good as well as the bad moments. It is there. It permeates my life, it is in my cells.
Maybe if you would look at my life from the outside you would see just a normal busy woman struggling with daily problems and you would not notice any difference from other busy women in the world or to how was my life before Nia.
But people that know me for a long time and especially I myself know: Nia changes my life from moment to moment. What is changed is the sensation I have in my body , the attitude I have in my mind, the way I handle emotions now, the way I connect to spirit, the way I see the world around me, my attitude to life and to death.
The beauty of Nia is that it is a renewed gift every breath I take. And by my lifestyle  eevry conscious breath I take is a gift! 
I am aware and grateful of every of light, every cloud, every color my eyes catches. I love my life, I love myself, I love my world. I love Nia.


For me there are no halfways in Nia:


This is a love declaration!