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Light in your bones

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Light in your bones

By Letizia Accinelli on June 16, 2011


The lecture Debbie held on  movement  this month inspired me to reflect on my own relationshiship with  movement as a child and to revist the role of movement in my family. I have never thought about movement and my family in this way, even if I have always been aware of the role of movement . It was revealing! 

My parents are both very dynamic, sporty, I would say  from the" old" school:  early in bed, early out of bed, no sunday long sleep, no sitting around, no television when the sun shines, out and active. My father was born on a village up on the mountains and has always been a passionate hiker and climber. My mother has always been a water person, a swimmer. 

My brothers and sisters  -it's 7 of us- and I had spent years camping in the mountains, at the sea, living outdoor 24 hours a day during the summer. We spent all our holidays climbing mountains together, swimming all together, canoing all together. We had a set of canoes and rubber boats and we did water excursions all 9 of us. We went cycling all together, we went skating all together, we went walking and skiing.  My parents cultivated the Joy of Movement in the nature like a seed, and we shared movement as a family. Movement was our shared experience.

After having reflected on the role of movement on my childhood and of my family, now I understand why the first Nia class was so familiar to me.

What attacted my to Nia during  the first Nia classes was the role community was playing, which felt different from any other yoga or dance class. It was familiar to me . I remember very well the sensation I had when my teacher told us to lift our arms and touch the sky. I felt my arms and sensed the other arms lifting  next to mine. My eyes filled with tears instantly by such a simple movement. I was sensing myself in a  community.  I felt at home . In my body , next to other moving bodies.

I can recall the sensation I had in my arms when I was swimming with my family on water excursion. A sensation of strenght, mobility. My body felt safe, secure, wise. I felt light in my bones. My arms knew what to do, my legs knew what to do and how to do it. I believe bodies communicate between each other better than our minds do.

By watching a swimmer crossing the pool at high speed my body learns from that body. If I am  walking next to a fast walker my body feels the speed differently than if I am on my own. If I climb a mountain with other bodies, my body get the streght of other together.

I learn, I condition, I experience new movement simply by being next to different bodies. Not out of competition, but out of the power of symbology. The power of body knowledge together. My knowledge of my body effects the knowledge of other bodies. And reverse.

I condition my body by letting my body seeing and receiving  the symbology of other bodies . The conditioning I get in a class is different from what I get when I practice on my own and when I sense my body . I believe my body demands both. This is why I long to share movement with others. My body is conditioned, inspired, nurtured also by other bodies.   

Every class, no matter if I am teaching or taking the class I still get the same sensation. I feel strong in my body, I feel relaxed, I feel my body and the support of the other bodies around me. Movement is what I love to share. Movement is what I have been taught by my parents to share. The uniqueness of each body, of each shape, measure, age, colour , mobility in one choreography :  the choreography of our life!