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TED White belt somatic experience

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TED White belt somatic experience

By Debbie Priest on August 31, 2012

Take off your shoes and Close your eyes . Place your attention on the base of your body. Sense the skin of your feet. Wiggle your feet, sensing 7,000 nerve endings waking up. Lift your heels one at a time coming up on the ball of your foot and slowly decelerating down. Squish walk. Everybody Sense your ankles. Now lift the balls of your feet one at a time. Duck walk. Everybody sense the back of your calves. Turn your toes in….out and then parallel. Everybody sense your hip joint. Begin to move your pelvis in a circle. Everybody sense your tail bone. Move your ribcage front, back and side to side. Chest Isolations. Everybody sense your sternum. Use your eyes to look around the room…looking in all directions. Head and eye movements. Everybody sense your nose. Begin to wiggle your fingers, all ten including you thumbs. Creepy crawlers. Everybody sense your forearms. Flick your fingers, imagine you are flicking water off. Finger Flicks. Everybody sense the tips of your fingers.

You’ve just had a taste of the somatic education through 8 of the principles from the 13 principles in Nia’s White belt training, you’ve learned 8 of the 52 moves of Nia, you’ve created new neural pathways, you’ve enhanced your sensory IQ, you’ve explored the Body’s way and your body’s way , you’ve awakened your creativity, you’ve connected your mind to your body, you’ve energized and enlivened you cells and you’ve calmed your nervous system.

These are just a few of the benefits received from somatic education, education that begins in the body. Traditional education begins in mind and often leaves out the body. Our bodies are more than just transportation for our heads. Nia speaks from the voices of the body, tapping into our body’s intelligence. Compassionate body based awareness through somatic practices such as Nia are the new frontier for the exploration in the evolution of consciousness. Nia is a leader in somatic education. Nia is fun, enlightening and life changing.

Let’s dive into some more somatic education. At this point I would lead a 4-5 minute song focused on the Joy of Movement with the intention to experience the sensation of life force energy. This would leave the audience energized, open and ready for more.

Principle 11 of the Nia white belt is Sacred Livelihood. Sacred as defined as “for a specific use or purpose.” Our bodies are sacred they are here for a purpose. I invite you to discover your purpose not through thinking about it but by allowing your body to reveal it for you. This journey of discovery begins in the Nia White Belt training. To find a training near you go to www.NiaNow.com.