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A framework for making conscious choices

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A framework for making conscious choices

By Debbie Priest on August 31, 2012

Learning the structural organization of the body (anatomy) has given me insight into the way I function. Looking at symbolic representations of the human body on the page and then moving and testing that part of my body as to how it functions has definitely enhanced my ability to move and condition my body safely. My assignment on ligaments taught me about restrictions of motion in the structural framework of the body. I have learned to pay closer attention to when my body says enough and I also have more freedom to increase conditioning as my body has learned to trust that I will not hurt it by over-doing it. Depending on how my body is feeling I will increase or decrease the level and intensity of movement on any given day.

By studying the parts of the body I am increasing my sensory IQ. Looking in detail at the skin, connective tissue, bone, muscle and nerves increases my ability to know what I am sensing as I move. Before this I may have sensed something but I did not have the language to even know what it was I was sensing. This new self-knowledge provides a framework for making conscious choices as I am moving.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that I am breaking habitual tendencies in my movement. The insights gained from learning the form of the body have translated into a greater awareness of how I am moving. This awareness in action has me make choices that help to bring balance to my body. My form affects my function and my function affects my form. So by making conscious movement choices I am changing my form.