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Angel Resonance

By Debbie Priest on August 31, 2012

I adapted AO into Angel. It started with one song that moved my Emotional and Spirit realms. Calling all angels was the song. From there I began to search for more angel songs and songs from angel movies. Not all the songs that made it fit the category of angel songs but most of them did. I got stuck looking for songs that were the right length so I ended up adding extra songs and splitting the choreography between songs.

Calling all angels began as one of the warm up songs but it never felt right so I moved it to the first cool down song where it fit much better. The original focus of stability and mobility continues as the focus of Angel with the addition of earth and heaven. The theme of angels called for the mobility of angel wings and finding our wings requires us first to find our grounding. The form of the music theme, the original focus being stability and the freedom of mobility through our scapula, shoulder girdle and arms through the imagery of angel wings is how the focus for Angel became “Connecting to heaven and earth through stability and mobility.”

The conditioning and educational benefits from AO became even more clear to me as I adapted it into Angel. I noticed the emphasis on the base from the beginning of the routine and the beginning of each song. Principle #6 of the white belt was the starting point for stability and it would grow up the body adding principle #8 and #9 as more mobility was discovered. Looking back at the filming of the DVD I can see the potential for adding more of principle #7 to Angel. Guiding my students through the planes and levels will definitely enhance the conditioning benefits of this routine.

Adapting a routine has taught me to pay attention to detail. Adding finger extensions and palm directions to the original choreography opened up a whole new possibility of increased conditioning in the arms and made the movements easier to sustain. I’ve discovered that simple choreography of “Flounce” conditions my nervous system and allows for a release of stuck energy. Through the process of adapting I have dived deeper into the original work and discovered even more treasures for myself and my students.