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Connected through connective tissue

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Connected through connective tissue

By Debbie Priest on March 21, 2011

Connective tissue….that which connects. Anatomy means to separate; to take apart, this seems ironic when looking from a functional viewpoint of the body as a whole living system. Of course all of the individual pieces work together in an astounding, seemingly miraculous harmonious way. To take apart and separate is what we do to understand yet without a perception and embodied experience of the body as a whole it seems we are limited in our ability to truly begin to comprehend the mystery of the living system we call our body.

Connective tissue provides structure, support and is also a medium of communication through an intercellular matrix that transmits fluid throughout the entire body. We are fluid systems. Perceiving my body as a fluid system impacts my relationship with my body as I no longer see my body as something solid and unchangeable. I see my body as a malleable fluid structure that is always changing.
An awareness of my body as a fluid system impacts the way I move. Sensing the movement of blood, lymphatic and interstitial fluid as movement within connects me to more fluid movement throughout my bones, joints, ligaments and tendons. This fluid movement from the ground up feels as if every part of me is connected, which of course it is. This is the embodied experience of connective tissue and of my body as a whole.

The value of experiencing my body as whole is that I know at a cellular level that we are all connected. Within this human form I can function from a place of wholeness, knowing that every choice impacts the whole. This is empowering in the sense that I now know that if I don’t like what I see out there I can make a difference in simply shifting my fluid structure. This gives me access to being the change I wish to see in the world….a world connected through the physical expression of Joy.