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The science of transformation and living a self-healing, well-being lifestyle

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The science of transformation and living a self-healing, well-being lifestyle

By Debbie Priest on February 7, 2011

We are all connected. I’ve heard it before but after reading “Infinite Mind” and experiencing the powerful loving coherent field created during the NGT summit it has gone from a concept to a realization. With this realization comes the responsibility of now knowing that everything I do, feel and think affects those around me in more ways than I ever imagined. My automatic way of being shy, fearful and insecure impacts the field. I can no longer pretend or fake it knowing that whatever I cover up is being projected into the field. This is where the power of truth telling brings transformation that is not personal. Transformation occurs in the field not in one person. I may be speaking “my” truth but it is also the truth of the field and transformation occurs when the lower vibrations of the ego such as fear, survival and will-power are transmuted into higher vibrations of love, generosity, gratitude and joy.
This seems to happen when I allow myself to be truly seen by telling the truth. During the NGT week in Portland I started off by pretending to be fine when I actually felt emotionally, mentally and physically stressed and not sure if I could make it through the week. By the third day I couldn’t pretend any longer, I broke down and expressed my pain and stress. I was met with love and generosity from so many and in the process the fear, survival and will-power were transmuted in gratitude, peace and acceptance. The self-healing began as allowed others to contribute and I began to take care of myself and nurture myself with self-love.
Health is our natural state of being and available through living a self-healing, well-being lifestyle and participating with others who are doing the same. Living a self-healing, well-being lifestyle means being responsible and aware of what we are transmitting and receiving through all the realms. Being connected means I am impacting and being impacted by the field whether I am aware of it or not. I noticed during NGT that the group field felt quite chaotic until it was gradually transformed by activities that brought in truth telling, forgiveness and love. As Valerie Hunt says, “healing is a restoration of harmony in the energy field.”
Healing happens within an energy field of love. Choosing love is choosing the health that is described in “Infinite Mind” viewed as “the perfection and maintenance of a dynamic energy field which is flowing, coherent, and strong, giving it the capacity to vibrationally interact.” This electromagnetic view of health is aligned with what Nia offers in classes and trainings. Participating in a Nia class directly and significantly impacts the field and creates fitness as “a positive affirmation of a healthy state…. characterized by a dynamic complex field allowing a person to react to situations in numerous adaptive and evolutionary ways.” Nia offers this in so many ways, through practicing the 5 sensations in all the realms we become healthy…. “to be healthy and organism must exhibit dynamic flexiblility in all of its systems and tissues,” and realms.
Now I am healing.
In gratitude and love.